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DNA markers for weight loss, aging and athletic performance

Gx Slim

DNA is the WAY uses your DNA to determine how your body best absorbs foods. Then we take these results and design a diet and fitness program that is ideally suited for your genotype. No more guessing!

gx renew

I'm sure you've heard of the fountain of youth, well, in my opinion, we have found it right here in the story of your DNA. Don't put this test off. Start now! Prevent aging and what is to come. Make changes today to prevent the aging of tomorrow and improve yourself.

gx perform

With GxPerform, we test your DNA markers to determine your peak athletic performance. Because the results are directly related to your unique makeup, you will have workout strategies tailored to your specific needs.

gx nutrient

Vitamins and Minerals fuel every cell in your body. Your DNA markers can tell us what you metabolize well and what you have a tendency to be deficient. This information can guide you and your physician to help correct the areas that you may be lacking.

Frequently asked questions

Choose any combination of DNA Slim, DNA Renew, DNA Performance, or DNA Nutrient.  We mail your kit.  You simply swab the inside of your mouth for one minute to collect enough DNA for analysis. Place the sample in the prepaid envelope and mail it to our lab.

It takes a  bit for the lab to receive the kit. Once it reaches them, they have to do an in-depth analysis with multiple checks and rechecks along with quality control inspections. The report generation typically takes 10-15 days from the time it reaches the lab.  The entire process from the time the sample is mailed to the time of your results is 3-4 weeks. I will notify you immediately when your results are ready so we can set up a consultation call. 

No. DNA is the Way only test for genes related to the body’s predisposition to process macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and micronutrients( vitamins, minerals). We also test for the body’s responses to cardio, strength training, and endurance training. A physician or certified genetic specialist should perform any tests for inherited diseases.

Your sample and kit will be destroyed within 45 days from the day your test results. 

No. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), founded in 2008 in the US protects your privacy.  Thus, we are not allowed to disclose any genetic information to any insurance company or any employer. DNA is the Way is not allowed to provide information to insurance companies or and past, present or future employers.  DNA Is The Way is also governed by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.) A patient, privacy protection law, set forth by the US government. We will not disclose your private information.

There are approximately 300 unique genetic markers that our laboratory will analyze. Through external research, all of these markers are known to have a direct correlation with how the human body processes food and nutrients as well as exercise and our unique aging process.

Not yet, but they may one day. The thing is that at this time, we do not know how far away that may be. Health management programs will not pay for testing such as DNA Renew, DNA Performance, or DNA Nutrient programs. However, if your doctor recommends that you lose weight to improve your health, then you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or your FSA ( Flexible Spending Account) funds to pay for DNA Slim.

Your personal information is secure, and there will be no unauthorized access to any of it. We use HIPAA-compliant architecture to protect you. As mentioned in one question above, the US government governs us your privacy with the HIPPA laws set forth by the US government. We employ secure servers, firewalls, and encrypted back-ups on all of your personal data and test results.

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