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DNA Is The Answer To a Gold Medal Or a Bronze!

As Seen in Forbes, Sport techie and USA Today

Whether you are an Olympic champion or wanting to buff up DNA testing for Athletic performance is trusted to enhance your workout. 

What do I mean by this? Well, DNA testing is used for many reasons, from ancestry to pre-birth diagnosis and to treat some diseases. 

But that’s not all. It is now well known in the athletic world to help an athlete improve their performance. DNA for athletic performance is recognized by Forbes, Sport Techie, and USA Today.

Elite athletes also want to know what their DNA says about their performance to the tune of 81%, and 85% of their support staff also felt it was beneficial.

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How Will You win?

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If you are already an athlete and work out routinely to enhance your performance, then you will love this information.

How many years has it been? You have worked out all of your adult and maybe teenage years. You have a personal trainer, and you are ready for the Olympics. Swimming is your passion. You are incredibly gifted and are slotted by the news to be the next gold medal winner. They even say you are the second Michael Phelps.

But lately, your timing is off. Your coach just keeps telling you to push harder. You keep driving yourself, but nothing is happening. Panic sets in and only serves to make your ability slack more.

Some of your friends have done DNA testing for athletic performance. You know you will never make the GOLD if you don’t do anything. So off you go to get your DNA swab kit and find out what your body says about your performance.

You don’t know what is the next step, but you do know the price is nothing compared to giving up a lifetime dream. You want to win! You have to win!

My DNA story

All of my life, I have enjoyed working out. Most of my life, I was too busy, but I did sporadically make it to the gym. I did yoga, pilates, free exercise, and weights. I have done just about everything.

So when I retired, I was quite excited to move to a warm state with a gym at the amenities center. Here is where my story really begins.

My husband and I went to the workout center for five days a week. It was tough getting back into it, and at first, I loved the increased energy and feeling of well-being it produced in me. But as a couple of months passed by, I became stagnant. I no longer saw results. How can it be that I ride the elliptical and lift weights, but the muscle stayed the same? It just didn’t make sense.

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Then someone told me about DNA testing for athletic performance. I had all four tests run, including the one for weight loss, age prevention, and nutrient absorption.

The results were an incredible boost for me. I talked to a trainer online and gave him my findings. He was the answer I needed to help me follow my body’s athletic needs. I found out that I build muscle well, but I don’t get as much blood and oxygen to my body.

I am not an Olympic medalist, nor will I ever be, but what the report said made the difference. If you are training for a sport or maybe weight lifting, you will absolutely benefit from your unique needs. If you are an everyday person like myself, who wants to get the most out of their workout, then to know yourself from the inside out is a must.

Why Have Your DNA tested?

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With your results, you will unlock the code to your genetic makeup. You will have a roadmap of your unique composition that can optimize your fitness and increase your knowledge.

What is your motivation? Do you want to increase your endurance for a more active life or become stronger? Or maybe you want to do Cross Fit training or a triathlon? With today’s technology of DNA testing, you will know you from the inside out.

You can easily download an app that will guide you through your daily exercise routine. But will those generic exercises be right for you? It is no secret that the same exercise routines are not best for all. You can count your steps or increase your cardio, but is that what your body needs?

What if you are prone to injury and you push yourself according to a generic app? You can easily harm yourself and even possibly require surgical repair. Are you willing to take that chance with your health?

What Can You Expect?

The first thing you can expect is to have increased performance because you will know yourself from the inside out. Your trainer will have the information they need to help you reach your maximum ability.

As for the test results, let’s talk about the biomarkers we here at DNA is the Way test. In particular, one is VO2 Max, which is not tested by all of our competitors but one of the most important biomarkers.

Your report is a summary of what your DNA says about you. You’ll learn what your genotypes say about strength training and how well you build muscle. How do you utilize fats, carbs, and proteins and your cardio response to workouts?

Your results will discuss your motivation, recovery after a workout, response to caffeine, and decreased inflammation.

Report Summary-What We look For


  • Intrinsic Motivation To Exercise
  • Addictive Behavior And Stimulus
  • Control
  • Power and Endurance Potential
  • Grip Strength and Muscular Fitness


  • VO2 Max
  • Exercise Heart Rate Response
  • Exercise Stroke Volume
  • Body Composition Response To
  • Strength Training


  • Protein Utilization
  • Fat Utilization
  • Carb Utilization
  • Caffeine Metabolism


  • Systemic Inflammation
  • Injury Risk

DNA Testing For Athletic Performance Is The Answer!

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Here at DNA is the Way the answer is DNA testing for athletic performance. The future is here to help you maximize your training.

When you buy GxPerform, you will receive a sample DNA kit, in the mail, to obtain your saliva and a link to a DNA test video on how to do this properly.

Your purchase is a one time value with perks such as:

  1. Free DNA swab test kit (value of $10)
  2. Free shipping to you and back to the lab, within the US (value of $20)
  3. Free consultation to review your DNA test report (value of $100)
  4. Free consultation one-on-one with a certified nutritionist (value of $100)

But that’s not all! With your first purchase of a DNA test, you will get an INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT on each additional test. 

  • $299 for the first test of your choice
  • $150 for the second test of your choice
  • $100 for the third test of your choice
  • $70 for the fourth test of your choice
  • $50 for the fifth test

As you can see, your discount becomes worthwhile when you purchase more than one test with your first purchase.

But not only that: When you purchase more than one test, you will receive two free consultations with a certified nutritionist (value of$200). That is 2 one hour sessions providing guidance and suggestions to apply your unique DNA results for your continued success.

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DNA Perform will reveal what response your body has to exercise. Are you better at at weight lifting running. During exercise how well does your heart pump oxygen to your Body? What is your stroke volume and so much more. 


DNA Slim will tells us what your body wants to lose weight. How do you respond to macronutrients and how quickly does your body burn fat. We will have suggestions and guidance for you about what foods your body uniquely likes best to achieve your goal.


DNA Renew will show you how to retain your youth? Where do you tend to age the most and what do  you genes say about longevity of life. You will receive suggestions on how to prevent the aging and retain your youthful look.


DNA Nutrient will dive deeper into what vitamins and minerals your body needs for vitamins and minerals and which ones does it tend to lack. 

Empower Yourself

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Empower yourself to make the changes that will produce success. Let your DNA direct you to win that medal.

Your DNA test GxPerform can give you information about you that will push you ahead of your competition. It will provide you with the confidence you need and the knowledge your trainer needs to boost you to the gold medal or move you into a better you.

After all these years, you will know why your training and workout were just slightly off. It is in your genes. Your DNA held the answer all along.
Know your body inside and out. Make your body work for you. Give your trainer the knowledge needed to push you that extra millisecond that will make you the best.

Your DNA is unique to only you. You have to do everything your way—the way your body’s performance is supposed to work.

Trusted Lab-Best Results

When you have a trusted lab like AKESOgen to do your DNA test you can't go wrong.
They are certified and have won awards for their performance.
What are you waiting for?

Do You Absorb Vitamins And Minerals Well?

Find out with a DNA test if your body absorbs vitamins and minerals well for optimal health. 

From Overweight To Empowered!

Are you ready to see results with the best weight loss program? 

Empower Your Life With DNA!

You can know you from the inside out.
When you know what your body says about you it is liberating.
Empower your life with your unique results.

Become The Athlete You Desire

Know you from the inside out with your DNA results.
Empower your workout and see yourself in a new light.

Defy Aging-Look Younger Longer!

Turn back the hands of time.
Find out where you will age the most and prevent it with DNA testing.

Know Who You Are
Know If CBD Is Healthy For You!

You can know you from the inside out. Don't just guess at how your body will react to CBD oil. Know your genetic makeup. KNOW YOU!

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