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When your results come back in 3-4 weeks, we will contact you. We will then set up a one-hour zoom meeting or a Facebook messenger, or if you prefer, we can do it all by phone. In this one hour meeting, we will go over your test results and give you suggestions on how to use your results to reach your fitness goal. 

We can also set up a second one-hour meeting to go over a nutrition plan for weight loss or optimal health and also give you suggestions on how to achieve your goals. 

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We will go over your results and a dietary plan for your optimal health and weight loss. 

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Has your doctor has told you
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Do You have a Health Savings Account (HSA)
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If so, you can pay for the GxSlim with your Health Savings Account or your Flexible Spending Account. The price of the GxSlim is $209. You will only pay $221 out of your pocket for all 4 tests and $209 from your health account if your doctor says you need to lose weight, and you have an HSA OR FSA. 

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