Can DNA Help You Lose Weight?

Imagine this: You are at your kitchen, happily helping yourself to a third serving of a homemade chocolate cake when you notice a small bulge protruding from your belly. That’s right; it’s a muffin top. How can this be possible? The weight just piled on and you now have to find a way to get rid of it. So you start to wonder if all the hype is real, and can DNA help you lose weight?

Although the above scenario is quite over-the-top, the reality still stands. We have all been there. Although our immediate reaction might be to stop eating calories and hitting the gym, it turns out there is a smarter way to go about this. Your DNA profile can help you by suggesting the perfect diet and workout plan for you.

Can DNA Help You Lose Weight?

Humans have roamed around this earth for over 300,000 years, and during this enormous time, several genetic mutations have occurred. Some of these genetic mutations made no difference, some were harmful, and some were beneficial for the individual.

The genetic mutations gave individuals of long ago an edge to survive and adapt better, which brings us to our modern-day dilemma. Some genetic variants promoted weight gain that was an advantageous variant for the caveman, but it is an inconvenience for us today.

We don’t need the extra weight to survive in our world today. So how do we tackle these genes and maintain or lose our weight? Can DNA help you lose weight? We shall find out.

Nutrigenomics: The Key Player

With the completion of the “Human Genome Project” in 2001, came insightful research about how different individuals react to different nutrients. And thus, a new field of study emerged: nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is the field of science that is concerned with the relationship between nutrients and genetics.

Researches in nutrigenomics suggested that there is no perfect diet plan. It varies from person to person, due to differences in metabolism and processing abilities. This variation in metabolism and processing abilities depends on genes, which means that two people who follow the same diet can show very different results based on their DNA.

What Nutrigenomics Tells You About Yourself

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This amazing revelation about genetics and diets changed the entire worldview on nutrition plans. Instead of suggesting the same diet plan for everyone, experts have now resorted to analyzing DNA profiles to make more personalized plans for weight loss.

Knowing and understanding your DNA profile can give you a crucial understanding of the road you should take for diet and exercise. 

For example, if your genes reveal that your UCP3 gene – a gene that is concerned with insulin production – possesses the GG genotype, you are more likely to lose weight with a lower-carb and higher-protein diet than others with a different genotype.

Genetic variants can also influence the effects of dietary fat, rate of carbohydrate digestion, levels of metabolism-related hormones, and response to exercise. All of these factors, combined with many others, can determine the best approach for you to lose weight.

How Genes Determine Your Weight Loss Approach

Research has found several genes whose variants closely link with weight gain and obesity. One of these genes is the FTO, which stands for the “fat mass and obesity-associated” gene.

Another gene is the MC4R (melanocortin-4 receptor), a gene associated with the production of the alpha-MSH hormone. This hormone is responsible for the pigmentation of hair and skin in mammals. People carrying specific variants of these genes account for having a much higher risk of obesity than non-carriers.

Although these genes play a crucial role in determining the likelihood of obesity and weight gain, several other genetic factors come into play. 

For example, research has indicated people with specific genetic profiles are more susceptible to weight loss due to a high-protein diet than others. Similar analysis has shown other subjects have genetic profiles who thrive on a lower-fat diet, and some thrive on a lower-carb diet when it comes to weight loss.

Genetic factors can influence taste or preferences, which is directly related to our decision and choice on what to consume and how to consume.

For example, some people have a higher genetic tendency to enjoy fried foods. Since fried foods are rich in cholesterol, they are much more likely to suffer from obesity. Similarly, genes have changed and altered our taste receptors to respond differently to different kinds of food.

Some people may enjoy spicier foods, whereas someone may be more into sweets. The calorific values and fat content of the foods we consume due to our taste can also affect our control overweight. Thus knowing what genes we possess and how they respond can be a great way to identify our eating tendencies and moderate them.

The cool part is that with DNA is the Way; you don’t have to know how to read a DNA test report to follow a diet. What I mean is the lab will interpret the results for you. All you have to do is have a consultation with a DNA is the Way representative to understand what the best diet is for you.

Criticisms Of Genetic Predispositions

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Although scientific evidence has clearly suggested the link between several genes and obesity, there has been some criticism regarding any particular nutrition plan based on genes to affect weight loss.

The criticism often states that a person cannot lose weight based on their genetic makeup. I agree with this statement. Your DNA will not make you lose weight. But using your DNA to find the unique needs of your body can help you lose weight. The knowledge will empower you and give you the strength you need to become more healthy. 

Know Your Genetic Makeup

When you know your genetic makeup and your markers, you will know what macronutrient your body absorbs well and which ones it does not. A nutritionist will help in this area. With this information, you can then set up an eating plan to lose weight.

Now eating all of the foods and taking in large amounts of calories just because your body does will with let’s say carbohydrates will sabotage your weight loss plan. But balancing a diet based on what your DNA says your body needs and not based on what the world says your body needs will produce weight loss when you are compliant.

Although this may seem disheartening, for those who are looking for a quick fix, no diet plan will cause you to lose weight and keep it off without proper nutrition.

Your DNA testing to identify your biomarkers is a revolutionary advancement. Your genetics can tell you how to lose weight, but they cannot lose the weight for you.

I found this concept difficult to accept at first. I had searched the world over looking for the perfect pill and the ideal diet that would cause my body to drop the fat. I wanted to walk down the street and watch the fat drop off behind me.

But when I realized that I could eat for my body’s needs, become more healthy, and have a clear plan, I jumped on board. I am so happy I did too.

Remember that nutrigenomics is still a relatively young and emerging field. There are high possibilities of other genotype patterns that could exist to predict and determine the best weight loss approach. Science is evolving and improving all the time. But we don’t know if that new information will be available in a year or ten years. You don’t want to wait to get your testing done until all is perfect. Now is the time to start losing weight and becoming a new you.

Final Thoughts

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It is now clear that genetics will tell you what your body needs through DNA testing. You may feel like there is nothing that you can do about your weight. However, your DNA tells the story of what your body needs. With your results, a proper diet plan, the right exercise, discipline, and motivation, you can still lose weight and achieve that gorgeous body.

Here at DNA is the Way we are ready to help you understand your needs and motivational factors. We want you to know what foods to eat and how to motivate yourself extrinsically to accomplish your weight loss goal.

It all starts with a simple cheek swab DNA test. Once you choose which tests you would like and make your purchase, we send you a free DNA test kit. We mail you the kit with free shipping included. You obtain your home DNA sample with the link to a DNA test video and then send it to the lab in your prepaid envelope.

In approximately three weeks a DNA is the Way representative will contact you to go over the results and help you understand what foods your body likes best. We are your support with a vast knowledge base.

Are you looking for a weight loss plan tailored to your body’s needs? I am here to answer your questions and respond to your comments. Please leave any comments and questions in the comment section below.

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