Can Sulfur Soap Help Your Acne-The Truth Is In Grandma’s Advice

Ok, today I have beautiful skin. Yes, I know that sounds like a commercial, but I get compliments all the time on my skin. Before moving on, I would like to thank nature, my grandmother, and sulfur soap.

But the truth is I had terrible skin as a kid. Pimples everywhere, and yes, my friends made fun of me for these huge bumps that oozed white and yellow. On top of that, I even had cysts, which always developed when I wore makeup. I mean, I could not win. My mother always said a little color on your face would make you feel better, but…..I knew the end result. Even after removing my makeup and washing my face, I would wake up with a painful cyst. 

Medical Treatment

My mother took me to the doctor, who in turn gave me a tinted ointment that made me look dead. It was a generic orange color that everyone is familiar with. It looked like a “spray-on-tan” color.

Now you may ask why I did not get one that matched my skin tone. Well, the manufacture of this acne treatment did not think about making several shades. Instead, it was one and only one, but it would cure acne. Oh yeah, sure it would. 

mom's solution sulfur soap

Mom’s Solution

As my relationship with acne grew, my mother even threatened to cut my hair. “It is your oily hair that is causing the problem,” she would say. “if we get that hair away from your face, your skin will clear up” was her solution to the matter. After many tears and fighting, I did get to keep my long hair.

Another cure that my mother suggested was just washing my face more often. I mean, it just made sense, I suppose. If the skin is clean, you will not get acne, right. Umm, well, I did what she told me until my skin was raw. To answer your burning question, did it cure my acne? No, and in truth, it made it worse. 

sulfur soap grandma and granddaughter

Grandmas Solution-Sulfur Soap

It is always amusing to me how things occur. The solution to the problem came on one Friday night.  It began with a sleepover at my grandparents. We watched TV, played some board games, and ate the famous popcorn my grandfather always fixed on Friday night.

My grandmother, as grandmothers do, knew something was wrong. As we talked about what we were going to do over the weekend, I began to cry and told her all about my acne tale. She could see my face all covered in pimples, but she listened anyway.

After wiping the tears away and giving me a hug to comfort me, she told me to follow her to the bathroom, where her secret was hidden in the medicine cabinet.

It really was not a secret. My grandmother had pulled this product out many times to clean up scrapes on my knees. Every summer, I used to get a heat rash all down my back and she used her secret to treat that too.

But using it as a treatment for acne was not something she had done before. Yes, yes, I know I have avoided mentioning the product, so here it is, sulfur soap.

As she pulled this bar out of the cabinet, I was shocked, “sulfur soap?” Yes, good old sulfur soap was what her mother used to treat her pimples.

Grandma told me that all I need to do is wash my face when I have pimples. She said that before I knew it, my skin would be clear. Grandma did go a step further to boost my self-esteem and said that regardless of whether I have pimples and scars, I am always beautiful, inside and out. After my cry from her pep-talk, I washed my face and went to bed. 

sulfur soap many right solutions

Many Right Solutions

In a nutshell, everyone was right when it came to my acne treatment. My mother’s suggestion to keep my hair off my face was right. I did add oil to my face, and yes, I did break out more along the hairline. And I did need to wash my face more often,  but maybe three times a day was a bit over the top. Finally, let’s not forget my grandmother, whose skin radiated beauty until the day she passed. Her wisdom of sulfur soap helped me gain control over my acne and, yes, cysts. 

Taking in all the lessons, I learned through my acne journey; I now keep sulfur soap in my medicine cabinet. When my children began to mature, we sat down and had “The” talk. No, not the “TALK,” but the advice I had as far as treatment for their acne. The advice was simple. It only consisted of two words-sulfur soap. 

While I would have followed my grandmother to the edge of the earth and trusted her completely, let’s learn what sulfur soap is before we run to the store and buy up every bar. 

What is sulfur soap?

Now, let’s break this term apart, sulfur soap. You may or may not be familiar with sulfur, but you may be aware of the smell. Sulfur itself smells like rotten eggs, and products that use sulfur do have somewhat of “a rotten egg “ smell.

Sulfur is also an element found in the periodic table. Now, a funny note to add to the story of sulfur soap is my sulfur stone. My grandparents traveled a lot. They would always bring the grandkids something back from their travels, and on one adventure, my grandfather brought back sulfur rock. Ok, being a science lover, I was thrilled with my babble, but my parents were not because my room ended up smelling like, you guessed it, rotten eggs.

At this point, we understand sulfur, but what about soap. The pure definition of soap is a product made of natural oils and fats. When we mix it with water, we can use it to cleans things. Ok, so now we have that information, you may want to ask how you can use it to treat acne?

Sulfur is an antimicrobial, which is why you can use it to treat acne. When you combine sulfur with soap, it creates a cleaning machine that removes dirt and grime while drying up the skin. Many over-the-counter acne treatments contain sulfur. 

sulfur soap washing face

How To Use Sulfur Soap

Yes, this all sounds great. Sulfur soap is inexpensive, and it did work for me, but….make sure you test it on a small area of your skin before washing your whole face. Another point I would also like to make is the washing. I simply lathered up the sulfur soap in my hand and applied it to my face.

Some people also use a technique like a mask by which they wash their face and rinse without drying it. Next, they lather up again, but this time they just wipe away the excess soap. Beware of this approach because it will really dry your face out. Only use this option if you have terrible acne. 

I know at this point you are ready to jump in the car and pick up every bar you can find to cure your acne problem but wait, there is also something else you need to do. Have your DNA tested. 

How are sulfur soap and DNA connected? 

Sulfur soap and DNA are not connected, but acne itself is a highly complex condition that requires a deeper understanding. Sulfur soap treats the surface of the problem. Other issues can be lurking in your DNA that could also be contributing to skin issues.

Keep in mind that not just any DNA test will do. To learn about your skin, you need the GxRenew DNA test. While your DNA will not tell you if sulfur soap treats your acne, it will provide a window into some other skin issues you may have and offer some simple suggestions on how to improve your skin condition, such as eating more fruits and vegetables.

Actually, the GxRenew will give you information on how you will age to prevent or slow down the process.

dna swab test

Does a DNA test hurt?

Before I answer that question, let me explain that this type of DNA test is referred to as a “non-invasive procedure” because we only use your saliva from the inside of your mouth. The only thing you need to do is collect some cells from the inside of your mouth with a swab sent with your kit. We obtain enough cells from a simple Qtip swab to gather the information needed for your GxRenew test.  

What is in my DNA test report?

Many factors of your skin health are a part of your report. We include a one-on-one consultation to go over the information from your DNA  and answer any questions about “you.” Items that will be covered as far as skin health include sun sensitivity and skin aging along with facial aging. These results will help you develop a skincare routine just for “you” and no one else, including sulfur soap if acne is a problem. 

Sulfur soap or DNA test, which do I do first?

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Without using the old saying, “putting the cart before the horse,” it is much better to order your GxRenew DNA test kit first. While you are waiting for the results, give sulfur soap a try.

This soap has a long track record beyond my grandmother’s recommendations. I mean, the Romans used it, and they had clear skin. Once you get your results, simply add those recommendations to the skincare routine that works for you. Then you won’t be tempted to use a movie star cream that costs $1000.

Clear skin is just a DNA test and sulfur soap away. 

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