DNA Facts About Vitamins And Minerals For Optimal Health

Have you ever wondered how to navigate the vast world of vitamins and minerals as it pertains to YOUR body? Can your DNA reveal facts about the way your body processes vitamins and minerals?

In our world today there are so many varieties and brands of vitamins and minerals that it can be a life’s journey trying to find the right ones to fuel your body. Vitamins and minerals move through each of our bodies differently, making the buying decision even harder. 

But your DNA may be the key to identifying the specific vitamin and mineral tendencies most vital to you leading a healthier lifestyle.  

Our GX Nutrient testing kit gives you a thorough analysis of your genotype for specific key genes related to micronutrient tendencies, putting you further on the path to effectively fueling your body with vitamins and minerals. 

Let’s discuss how genetic testing works and its connection to our vitamin and mineral deficiencies, how our GX Nutrient test works to address those deficiencies, and why we’re the trusted source for this pathway to micronutrient magic. 

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How does Genetic Testing Work, and How can it Improve Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies?

How does genetic testing work?

Genetic testing identifies key genes and information on specific areas known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. 

It uses saliva, blood, or other tissues to reveal information about your genes. The outcome of your individual genetic tests is known as your genotype.

How can genetic testing improve vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

Your genotype is the blueprint for your body. We will use the word genotype frequently in this article. A genotype is basically a set of genes that you either inherited or genes that are unique to only you.

When it comes to our DNA test, the ratings we provide are based on your genotype in each category reflect your genetic testing results for each gene or set of genes. The ratings show you genetically how well your body absorbs vitamins and minerals. 

Your phenotype is how you physically manifest or express your genotype. Your phenotype may be different than your genotype because the way your genes express themselves has a lot to do with your environment and your lifestyle.

It is possible for your DNA analysis to show a decrease or increase in your specific abilities to absorb nutrients; it does not mean that you will, in fact, absorb or not absorb nutrients effectively because the way your body processes nutrients is dependent on multiple factors.

Please do not view your genotype as a definitive diagnosis for nutrient absorption. We provide an analysis that only measures your ODDS for different outcomes or the likelihood your phenotype will express what your genotype predicts. WOW, now that was a mouth full.

I know it all sounds a bit complicated for a simple DNA test. But a lot goes on behind the scenes by highly trained scientists. So let’s move forward and get into some detail on what our GxNutrient DNA test reveals in the report and what we analyze.

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How Our GX Nutrient Test Works

How are your results determined? 

We analyze genes related to 2 major categories: Vitamins and Minerals.  

In each of the categories tested, your genetic analysis reveals which gene combinations you have. Note that you can have one gene per marker in each category, or you can have several genes per marker in each category. 

Based on our calculated score, you will receive a rating. Our calculated score reflects your combined influences from one or more genes on your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. 

In addition to receiving facts about vitamins and minerals based on your DNA, you also get suggestions on what to include in your diet based on your results. 

These nutrient-rich foods target specific vitamins and minerals. It is important because, in most cases, the outcomes of your DNA test tendencies may help you prevent future problems with deficiencies in your diet. 

We evaluate your potential genetic response and provide suggestions on managing and/or leveraging it based on scientific research recommendations. We have a highly experience of our medical team providing this information.

We use the most extensive and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate your score for the different combinations of genes we test in each category. 

With an evolving ability to identify and analyze a person’s DNA, your results detail insights about your body’s ability to absorb or not absorb specific vitamins and minerals. In analyzing your results, we’re confident our given direction on leveraging this information can optimize your health and wellbeing. 

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Your report will break down as follows: 

Report Summary

In this section, you’ll find a summary of the information found in your report that we will break into the following pages. It’s broken down into two sections, vitamins and minerals. In each section, you’ll see three columns: the first column being the trait tested, the second column details you will rate or score for this trait, and the third column names the specific genes tested. 


In this section, you’ll find each of the following vitamin traits broken down into more detail: 

  • Vitamin A Tendency
  • Vitamin B6 Tendency 
  • Vitamin B9- Folate Tendency
  • Vitamin B12 Tendency
  • Vitamin C Tendency
  • Vitamin D Tendency 
  • Vitamin E Tendency
  • Dietary Choline Levels 

With each vitamin, you’ll get this breakdown:

What your genes say about you– you’ll read information on what your genetic analysis says about your ability to process the named vitamin. It will detail if any variations of the gene tested showed a diminished ability to convert high doses of the supplement into its more active form. 

Your rating– you’ll receive a low, normal, above average, or below-average rating based on what your genetic profile indicates about your ability to process the specific vitamin. 

Related genes/SNPs- in this section, we will record the gene or genes and associated SNPs that have a statistically significant association with the vitamin we are reviewing. You will also see more detail on what each vitamin and mineral does for your body. Along with where you can find them, how the body breaks them down, foods that are high in that vitamin or mineral, and any cautionary information. 

Success strategies– In this section, you will receive information on what foods have the vitamins you may need, along with plans to improve your ability to absorb specific vitamins effectively.


In this section, you’ll also find each of the following mineral traits broken down into more detail along with the same section breakdowns detailed above for each mineral: 

  • Calcium Tendency
  • Copper Tendency
  • Iron Tendency
  • Magnesium Tendency
  • Phosphorus Tendency 
  • Selenium Tendency
  • Zinc Tendency 

Links to Related Studies

In this section, you’ll find additional links to studies related to facts about vitamins and minerals and their connection to DNA. 

What you’ll learn about your body with the GX Nutrient test:

  • Health benefits of a suggested diet based on nutrients you’re low on 
  • What supplements may be best for a fully functioning body 
  • What your genotypes suggest about your ability to absorb minerals 
  • What your genotypes suggest about your ability to absorb vitamins 
  • Your sensitivity to certain vitamins and/or minerals 
  • What role vitamins and minerals play in your overall health and cell function 
  • A detailed explanation and success strategy for each vitamin and mineral tested  
  • Evidence-based research recommendations on a diet regimen 
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Why Choose DNA is the Way For your DNA Facts About Vitamins And Minerals

  • Free Shipping on your DNA collection kit 
  • Video instructions on how to use your kit
  • In-depth analysis accompanied by a consultation call to go over your results
  • Bundle your test with one or more other tests for a significant discount 
  • Pre-paid envelope provided for your sample return
  • A nutrient diet consultation with a certified nutritionist 


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You don’t have to solely depend on trial and error anymore to find out how your body works and the most effective ways to fuel it. You can find out which vitamins and minerals may be deficient in your body with the GxNutrient DNA test.

Genetic analysis provides the missing factor in getting specific insights on how your body might process vitamins and minerals. 

If you have a particular genotype for a specific trait, you can analyze the information given to see how it may move through your body. Then you can adjust your vitamin and mineral intake to get better results from your supplements and nutrition efforts.

If you’re ready to try a different approach to getting the vitamins and minerals you need to function at your highest level, check out our GxNutrient.

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