DNA Swab Test-Is CBD Oil Good for You And How Will You Know?

Ever wonder if CBD oil is an effective option for treating your chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, or other health challenges? Do you want to find out what a DNA swab test says about your body’s ability to breakdown and process CBD oil?

We’ve all heard the buzz around CBD oil and witnessed raving reviews from loyal customers whose testimony is filled with praise for its positive effects on their health and well-being. Whether or not CBD oil is beneficial to you individually may be based on your DNA, as well as other factors outside of genetics that influence how you experience CBD oil.

Our GX CBD testing kit includes a thorough genetic analysis with specific insights about key genes related to how your body processes CBD oil. With your test results, we aim to provide you with the guidance you need to use CBD oil safely and appropriately to better your overall health and wellness.

Let’s talk about how a DNA test can reveal whether CBD oil is good for you and why we recommend our GX CBD test if you choose this path to analyze your CBD intake. We’ll also provide you with a breakdown of how our test works to determine whether CBD oil is harmful or helpful to you.


How Can a DNA Test Reveal Whether or Not CBD Oil is Good for You?

A DNA test is…

A genetic test identifies key genes and information on specific areas known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. Specific SNPs in your DNA certify whether CBD is helpful or harmful to your body’s functions.

Your saliva, blood, or other tissues are tested to reveal information about your genes as they relate to the way CBD moves through your body. The individual genetic testing result is known as your genotype.

A DNA test can reveal whether CBD oil is good for you or not by…

Analyzing your genotype, better known as the blueprint for your body, for its specific responses to traits related to CBD usage. We will use the word genotype frequently in this article. A genotype is basically a set of genes that you either inherited or genes unique to only you. This information specific to your genotype can be leveraged to determine whether CBD is harmful or helpful to your overall health.

The ratings we provide with your DNA swab test are based on your genotype in each category. They reveal your potential response based on your genes to different CBD-related traits regarding how your body metabolizes CBD oil.

Your phenotype may be different than your genotype because the way your genes express themselves has a lot to do with other factors outside of genetics.

Your DNA analysis can show a decrease or increase in your specific genes associated with CBD. It does not mean that you will, in fact, effectively metabolize CBD just because you had your DNA test done, but it does mean you will know how beneficial or destructive it can be to your body.

Please do not view your genotype as a definitive diagnosis for how your body reacts to CBD oil. We provide an analysis that only measures your ODDS for different outcomes or the likelihood your phenotype will express what your genotype predicts. A mouthful, yes?

I know all of this sounds a bit intricate for a DNA test meant to be so simple. But we must fully acknowledge and appreciate all that goes on behind the scenes by highly trained scientists. Let’s get into some detail on our Gx CBD DNA test, what to expect in the report, and what we analyze.

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How Our GX CBD Test Works to Determine if CBD Oil is Harmful or Helpful to You

How your results are determined in our GX CBD Test

We analyze genes related to how you process and breakdown CBD oil.

By testing traits in this category, your genetic analysis reveals which gene combinations you have for each trait. Note that you can have one gene per marker in each category, or you can have several genes per marker in each category.

We calculate a score in each category tested, and from there, you will receive a rating for each trait. Our calculated score reflects your combined influences from one or more genes, telling you how well you will metabolize CBD.

We use the most extensive and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate your score for the different combinations of genes we test in each category.

In addition to receiving facts about how your body reacts to CBD based on your DNA, you get additional education on each trait and its overall function in your body. You also receive dietary and other lifestyle improvement suggestions based on your results.

With an evolving ability to identify and analyze a person’s DNA, your results detail insights about your body’s function when you introduce CBD oil. In analyzing your results, we are confident our customized guidance on leveraging your report’s information can give a clear picture of how you metabolize CBD.

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Your GX CBD results report is broken down into the following sections:

Report Summary
In this section, we will summarize the information broken down to form your report. The only category in this report is CBD. In this category, you will see three columns: the first column being the trait tested, the second column details your rate for this trait, and the third column names the specific genes we tested.

In this section, you will find each of the following traits related to your ability to metabolize CBD broken down into more detail:

• CBD Metabolism
• Systemic Inflammation
• Sleep Duration
• Pain Tolerance
• Social Anxiety
• Stress Tolerance
• Alcohol Sensitivity
• Chronotype

With each CBD-related trait, you will explore:

What your genes say about you– This section provides information on what your genetic profile characteristics say about your level of response to the named trait. It will detail how your specific genes may physically manifest this trait and important information to note based on your genes.

Your rating- You will receive an average rating in the range of Below Average to Highly Increased for each trait except Chronotype. In this case, your rating will detail whether you’re an evening, moderate evening, moderate morning, or morning person based on what your genetic profile indicates.

Related genes/SNPs– This section details the gene or genes and associated SNPs included in the CBD category shown to have significant associations with your level of the specified trait. As you read on, this section details more general information about the genes and how they are related to the traits we test.

Success strategies– This section will give you recommendations and strategies to maintain or improve your body’s function pertaining to the specified trait. It will also address specific diet, exercise, lifestyle, and other behavioral changes that can improve your potential response to the traits we test.

Links to related studies- This final section provides you with additional links to studies related to the connection between DNA and how your body processes CBD oil.

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Why We Recommend Our GX CBD Test

• Free Shipping on your DNA collection kit
Video instructions on how to use your kit
• In-depth analysis accompanied by a consultation call to go over your results
Bundle your test with one or more other tests for a significant discount
• Pre-paid envelope provided for your sample return
• A nutrient diet consultation with a certified nutritionist


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CBD oil is increasing in popularity as a solution for pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, and insomnia. DNA testing and analysis will give you insights otherwise unavailable to determine how beneficial or how harmful CBD is to you.

Your genotype-specific results will provide the information you need to use CBD oil effectively or avoid it altogether because of its potentially adverse effects on your body.

Are you ready to explore valuable DNA-based insight on how CBD oil functions in your body? Order our GX CBD test kit today!

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