DNA Test Report Is The Key to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re not getting the same amazing fitness or performance results as someone else, even though you’re doing the exact same regimen? Are you frustrated with your performance results because you feel you’re doing EVERYTHING right when it comes to training and nutrition? The key you are missing is a DNA test report to enhance and improve your performance.

The frustration of your stagnant or rollercoaster results while a friend is in awe over their peaking six-pack prompts most of you to put your fitness goals on the back burner. Especially when you’re on the same diet and exercise regimen. You could absolutely be doing all things exactly like everyone else. But all things may not be YOUR thing.

Having a fitness and performance plan based definitively on your DNA test report makeup is the key to achieving your fitness and performance goals.

DNA is the Way provides a DNA testing tool that takes the guesswork out of finding the workout and nutritional plan that most closely matches your personal makeup and maximizes your potential.

Our GxPerform testing kit builds a report that will help you better understand the components that can affect your body and get the most from your exercise and training efforts.

This article details genetic testing and genotype basics, how our GxPerform test works, and the benefits of choosing us to get you closer to your performance dreams with our DNA test report.

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Genetic Testing and Genotype Basics

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing uses saliva, blood, or other tissues to reveal information about a person’s genes to give you a DNA test report. The DNA testing identifies key genes and information on specific areas known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs.

A Genotype describes the outcome of your individual genetic tests.

Why is your genotype important?

Your genotype is the blueprint for your body. I will use the word genotype frequently in this article. A genotype of basically a set of genes that you either inherited or genes that are unique to only you.

When it comes to our test, the ratings we provide you based on your genotype in each category reflect your genetic testing results for each gene or set of genes The ratings show you genetically how your body responds to exercise, performance, nutrition, and lifestyle behaviors.

Your phenotype is how you physically manifest or express your genotype. Your phenotype may be different than your genotype because the way your genes express themselves has a lot to do with your environment and your lifestyle.

It is possible for your DNA analysis to show a decrease or increase for specific performance traits or training; it does not mean that you will, in fact, choose that route of fitness.

Please do not view your genotype as a definitive diagnosis for performance or fitness ability. Our provided analysis only measures your ODDS for different outcomes or the likelihood your phenotype will express what your genotype predicts. WOW, now that was a mouth full.

I know it all sounds a bit complicated for a simple DNA test report. But a lot goes on behind the scenes by highly trained scientists. So let’s move forward and get into some detail on what our GxPerform DNA test reveals in the report and what we check for?

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How Our GxPerform DNA Test Report Works

Which body traits are analyzed And What Do We check for?

We analyze genes related to 4 major categories: Mental & Physical Foundation, Training Response, Fuel Utilization, and Risk & Recovery from Injury.

You will find that some results are directly related to cardiovascular, strength, and some exercise types that will best suit your genotype or genetic makeup.

With your DNA test report, you can find out how to optimize your training. This optimization comes in the way you fuel your body, your body’s recovery, and risk management.

Other results are related to your motivation and behaviors that support your workouts and training.

How are your results determined?

In each of the categories tested, the genetic analysis reveals which gene combos you have. From this analysis, we will calculate a score for each trait in the categories and give you a rating.

Note that you can have one gene per trait in each category, or you can have several genes per trait in each category. The score we calculate is based on a combination of influences from one or more genes.

You also get suggestions on training, fueling, and recovery tips based on these results of your testing. The personalized training comes in the form of tips and suggestions to help you understand your DNA test report and apply these to your new findings. These tips are important because, in most cases, your genotype outcome is related to your exercise routine and how you fuel your body.

We evaluate your potential genetic response and provide you with feedback based on evidence grounded research, as well as the input for our highly experienced medical team. We use the best research to base your results on. Many studies out there include genetic analyses, but not all of them are reliable or valid, and very few to none evaluate your VO2Max.

We have access to the most scientifically valid and largest genome-wide studies in addition to other high-quality research. We calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations and produce your DNA test report.

There is still a lot to study when it comes to genetic analysis and performance. We will continue to choose the best available research to base our analysis and recommendations.

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What your report includes:

Results in 4 key areas that tell how your body responds to training

These key areas are:

  • Mental and Physical Foundation
    • Intrinsic Motivation to Exercise (are you a self-motivator or not?)
    • Addictive Behavior/Stimulus Control (do you tend to overdo exercise?)
    • Power/Endurance Potential (what type of athlete are you?)
    • Grip/Muscular Fitness
    • Testosterone Levels (also important for female athletes)
  • Training Response
    • VO2 Max
    • Exercise Heart Rate Response
    • Exercise Stroke Volume
    • Body Composition Response to Strength Training
  • Fuel Utilization
    • Fuel Utilization
    • Protein Utilization
    • Fat Utilization
    • Carb Utilization
    • Caffeine Metabolism
  • Recovery & Injury Risk
    • Systemic Inflammation (are you prone to joint inflammation?)
    • Injury Risk (are you prone to injury and need to be more cautious?)

In each category, you’ll get the trait (i.e., Protein utilization, injury risk, etc.) and
what your genes say about it. You will also get suggestions for and success strategies to optimize your performance.

  • Your report will tell you:
    • An in-depth analysis of your genotype related to what type of athlete you are
    • Your predicted-training response
    • Strategies for fueling activity and burning fat
    • The conclusion of your DNA testing report has related studies to further your research on how to best achieve your optimal performance

Your results can influence things like training response and body composition. We use evidence-based guidelines that suggest the most effective strategies for optimum performance and determine which training, lifestyle behavior, and diet will help you reach your goals.

What you’ll learn about your body with the GxPerform DNA test Report:

The information you receive from your report is unique to you. It is that small percentage of your DNA that is only yours and not your parents or siblings.

  • What your genotypes suggest about your ability to build muscle in response to strength training
  • What your genotypes suggest about your ability to boost your VO2 max in response to your cardiac workout.
  • What your genotypes suggest about your ability to burn fat
  • What your genotypes suggest about your ability to use carbs and protein
  • Insights on your motivation to exercise
  • Your sensitivity to caffeine
  • Your ability to recover and minimize inflammation
  • Your injury-risk factor
  • A detailed explanation and success strategy in each key area just for you
  • Research recommendations that are evidence-based on training, nutrition, and lifestyle behaviors.

Our guidance can help you find the right plan to optimize your hard work.

You can not change your genes, but your DNA report can change how you behave and show you how your genes dictate what your body can do.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing DNA is the Way?

  • 80 genetic markers tested, including VO2 Max
  • In-depth analysis accompanied by a free consultation call to go over your results
  • Bundle your test with one or more other tests for an even bigger discount
  • Free Shipping on your DNA collection kit
  • Video instructions on how to use the kit
  • Pre-paid envelope provided for your sample return to the lab
  • Free one-hour session One-on-one access to a registered nurse/certified nutritionist-(a $100 value)


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Your genetic results alone will not unlock your highest potential or tell you if you will get injured. You are responsible for putting your results into action. You won’t wake up tomorrow morning with a well-toned physique, but with the knowledge of your report, work, and determination, you will know the best way to approach your athletic performance.

Your genetic analysis provides the missing factor in getting specific insights on how to get the best and optimal performance from your body.

Suppose you have a specific trait or genotype. In that case, you’ll know how it might affect you, and you can adjust your training, nutrition, and behaviors to leverage this information to get better results from your training and fitness efforts.

If you’re ready to shift your approach to get favorable results, order our GxPerform test and get closer to your peak performance and see yourself in a new light.

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