DNA Testing For Weight Loss-Are You Kidding?

In the revolutionary world of genetics, you are unique. Gene mapping and genetic fingerprinting have become a part of our households in the past decade. And even more so in the past two years with the revolutionary DNA testing for weight loss.

Throug a swab DNA test, a person’s genes can determine what their predisposition is to weight loss and fitness. With these DNA markers, we can now see what foods you absorb well. But not only that, we can also see what exercise is the best for your body’s genotype. No I’m not kidding! DNA testing has come this far and is here for you. 

In this article, I want to devote our talk to the relationship between genes and how the knowledge we learn from your genetic makeup can help you lose weight.

You Are Unique

Weight gain is the result of several factors. One of those factors is how your body responds to different types of foods like protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Your weight gain may also have some other determining makers, such as your environment.

Your genotype is unique to you. Yes, other people have the same environmental factors, but your body has genes and DNA that is unique to only you.

red on black DNA

Because of this uniqueness, we have found that by testing your DNA, we can help to determine the cause of weight gain. Are you eating the wrong combination of foods or doing an exercise program that does not fit you? Or do you tend to eat late at night or not have a filter to stop eating when you are full?

Importance Of DNA

Many people over the years have tried multiple diets to reduce their weight. Some may have had a more satisfactory outcome, while for others, the foods did nothing to help weight loss. We now know the results were dependent on the nature of your body, not on the newest diet fad.

When we think about the nature of your body’s needs, it leads us to the importance of DNA testing. In the past two years, genetic testing has quickly become one of the modern methods of approaching your body’s unique needs for fitness and health.

Is DNA Testing For Weight Loss?

To help you understand your body’s needs, we can now use DNA testing to map your blueprint. These tests are designed by experts and geneticists to measure specific markers. These markers, known as SNEPs, can determine how your unique genotype will lean in your favor for weight loss and fitness.

We examine a swab DNA test of your saliva. You use a cotton-tipped swab to collect saliva from your gums, and the inside of your cheek with the help of a DNA test video recorded for you by DNA is the Way.

With the sample that you collect and send the lab, a group of highly trained laboratory personnel look at markers unique to you. They compare your results with genetic studies to determine a 100% genotype match.

laura taking a saliva sample

The results will determine what your body absorbs well and what is not a good fit for you in terms of nutrient intake and exercise. For example, do you metabolize fats better than charobhydrates? Or do you begin to burn fat faster with cardio or weight training?

Some of the results are directly related to weight loss efforts from diet and exercise. Other sections of your report are relevant because they can affect how you feel and how your body functions.

Your lab results are a blueprint of the whole picture of what is best for you. From these results, we plan a diet with you that will optimize your weight loss and general health.

Your Unique Report Will Help To Determine:

  • The appropriate food quality for weight loss.
  • The type of exercise suitable for the body.
  • What tendency your body has toward deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.
  • The effectiveness of the genes responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  • The body’s ability to react to stress.
  • The risk of injury while exercising and the body’s ability to recover quickly.
  • How motivated are you likely to be

As well as these determining factors, your DNA  test report will have suggestions for you to improve and lose weight.

You will receive your results within 3 to 4 weeks. But the really cool part is when your report is complete, you will receive a call from myself, trained in interpreting what the testing says. I will go over your results in detail so you will have a good understanding of what your genotype (your body’s blueprint) is and what is the best plan for you.

In a study conducted by Stanford University, it stated that the DNA based weight loss recipients lost 33% more weight overall than those who guess at their body’s needs.

girl making a call

Good Nutrition And Weight Loss

The average weight loss after the following the diet set for you varies from person to person. The diet designed for you based on your DNA does not depend on the deprivation of certain foods for life like some fad diets.

Your diet is a plan for proper nutrition and intake of foods that your body metabolizes well. It is a lifestyle change to promote your health and increase your self-confidence.

A DNA test that can tell you what nutrients you absorb well and which ones you may not absorb can also help your nutritional status. Check out this article. 


If you have food allergies, we will discuss them and find alternatives that will fit your DNA diet plan.

Craving sugar is a perpetual motion. What I mean is, when we crave sugar and we eat it to fulfill our cravings, it will only cause us to want more. When you cut unhealthy sugars out of your diet and replace them with complex sugars, the cravings will improve.

Your diet recommendations are a lifestyle change. Losing weight is dependent on your desire to follow the advice. But I can tell you that when I did my DNA test it was liberating and empowering.

It depends on your diet recommendations based on your genotype. But please remember that fat is essential in our diet in specific amounts.

Again a diet based on your genotype is a lifestyle change. If you are eating foods that do not absorb well, you will not have the proper nutrition. You will feel much healthier after making changes. So no, it is not just to lose weight. It is for optimal body health.

Exercise is vital for a well-balanced life and heart health. Also, your prescribed exercise routine will help to create lean muscle and increase your fat-burning abilities. But no, you do not have to exercise. If you want to start a new program we will help you start low and slow to gain energy and strength. 

No matter what diet you are on, you will gain if you are not eating according to your genotype. Proper nutrition and proper diet for your body’s needs will help you lose and keep the weight off.
It is easier to stay healthy when you experience the feeling of well being from eating what your body needs.

We all have cheat days and you will too. These days will not make or break your efforts. 

Yes, you can do a DNA test while you are pregnant. Your pregnancy does not alter your DNA or the results of your test.  But starting a diet during pregnancy is not the best idea without checking with your physician. However, finding out what foods your body likes well can improve your health. 

Is DNA Testing Right For You?

I believe DNA testing is a significant breakthrough in the world of weight loss. Yes, it is good for you to know your body’s genetic blueprint. But it is also important to remember that no diet is a magic potion. It will take your desire to follow the recommendations and do what your results recommend.

At the same time, I will be here for you to guide you and support your needs. We will set a plan together that you can follow. Together we will tailor your diet to you and your body’s unique needs.

Have you heard of DNA testing for weight loss? Are you like me and so excited to have the opportunity to take advantage of the future? I am here to answer your questions. Please leave comments and questions in the comment section below. 

From Overweight To Empowered!

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I tried everything to lose it but over the years it just kept coming.
What did I do?

12 thoughts on “DNA Testing For Weight Loss-Are You Kidding?”

  1. Hi Laura. First time I hear about DNA testing for weight loss. But now that I’ve read your article it makes perfect sense for me. And I’m even eager to carryout this type of a test.

    Every day I’m more impressed on how drastically things have been changing and how much technology is incorporated into our daily lives. Thanks for this interesting post.

    • Ann, I agree with you about the advances in technology in our daily lives. It is a wave of the future here and now for all of us to take advantage of. It is an exciting time to be alive. 

  2. Wow, I only heard about DNA Testing can be used for health analysis before, but this post made me realize that DNA Testing can be used for weight loss. Because I sit and work every day, in the past 2 years, I have had obvious signs of obesity. Many clothes I bought before can no longer be worn. I have tried various methods to lose weight, but all have failed.
    Therefore, I am very interested in DNA testing for weight loss. I noticed that the article mentioned the need to check saliva. Does that mean I have to go to a designated institution to do this testing?

    • This is a very good question. No, you collect your sample directly from your home. If you are in the US I will ship a kit to you with video instructions on how to obtain the sample and then you ship it directly to the lab in the pre-paid enveloped provided. 

      It is that simple. 

  3. The wonders of science today never ceases to amaze.  I knew that they could determine quite a lot of things from our DNA and that now they can even edit the DNA with the new Crispr technology.  

    What i was not aware of though was DNA testing for weight loss.  I had no idea that the science of weight loss had advanced in this direction, but i think it’s great.

    How do we go about getting this test done though?  i double checked through the post and i can’t recall seeing a link to do the testing.

    • Donald, As a nurse I am so excited about the advances in the area of DNA and weight loss. 

      Your question about links has made me realize I did not put a link in this post. Thank you for the reminder. I will do that. 

      But in the meantime here is the link to shop for your kit. 


  4. Hello; Your post is indeed interesting. I was not aware that my body moss could be determined by a DNA test! there are so many things about the importance of a DNA test that many people like myself are ignorant of. I do struggle with weight loss.

     Since I am not in your location, how would it be possible to have you probe into my DNA?


    • Dorcas, We can do a DNA test on anyone in the country. The issue is shipping. I offer free shipping in the US. I would need to know your location and figure the shipping and we can talk about it in more detail. With this information, I can let you know how I can help you. 

      Please email me the information to laura@dnaistheway.com

      I will be looking forward to assisting you. 

  5. I have always wondered how some of my friends do not put on weight in spite of heavy eating. I was of the understanding that these people have a high metabolism rate. It is interesting to read that each persons metabolism towards different kinds of foods may be different and can be determined by doing a DNA test.

    I am hearing about the DNA testing for weight loss for the first time. what you say looks scientific that each persons tendencies are different. With what accuracy can these tests predict the type of food and exercise I need for weight loss? What is the success rate for weight loss for people who have followed these reports?

    • In answer to your question “With what accuracy can these tests predict the type of food and exercise?”

      The lab that does I use to do the testing uses markers for comparison. they match 100%. If your markers do not match 100% they will not give results. I do not know of a time this has happened. My lab runs on integrity and honesty and will give you only results that you can follow with accuracy. 

      DNA for weight loss is like affiliate marketing or any other business. You have the information at your fingertips and the results depend on how persistent you are in doing what you have been given. 

      I am having good weight loss with my results because I no know the right way to lose weight for me. 

  6. I definitely need to lose some weight as I do not like how my gut sticks out. I’ve done different diets in the past with the latest one being the Keto diet. While I’ve had some success in the past, it is generally short lived. I would’ve never thought that a person’s DNA could be used to come up with a proper weight loss regimen, but after reading your article, it makes perfect sense. I have often wondered if the foods I’m eating are helpful or not and what would be the best exercise to get into the practice of doing. I used to be a runner, but with age and being busy a lot these days, it just no longer cuts it for me. So how would one go about getting a DNA test and are the costs very high for it? I do like the fact that you’re willing to go over the results with those who do the testing as it shows your commitment to this and helping others achieve their weight loss goals.

    • Hi Brian, You sound like me with my weight loss struggle. It is important to remember that it took both of us time to get to where we are and it will take time to overcome it. But the good part is that you will know what foods to eat and what exercise is effective. No more guessing. 

      Here is the link to order your DNA test. If you have questions after taking a look at this link you can email me at laura@dnaistheway.com



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