Find Out What Is The Best Weight Loss Program For You?

What is it about our bodyweight that has us all endlessly researching the best and fastest ways to an ideal physique? Are you looking for the best weight loss program or a program tailored to YOU? And just what is the best weight loss program? Is there any such thing?

New Additions To Our GxSlim Weight-Loss DNA Test

We are so excited to announce New Genetic traits related to weight-loss and a new genetic trait section included in our GxSlim weigh-loss DNA test. I wanted you to see this so I posted it here but will explain in detail under the “Which Body Traits Are Analyzed?” heading and the “Completely New Traits That We Test For” heading. I don’t want you to miss out on this completely new information as of February 14, 2021.

Oh and don’t miss out on our brand new 7-day meal plan with recipes.

The world’s interest (borderline obsession) in body weight and achieving an ideal physique is rooted in each individual’s personal desire and vision of what that actually looks like. The one-size-fits-all approach to weight management, nutrition, and exercise just isn’t cutting it anymore.

DNA is the Way provides a DNA testing kit that takes losing weight, nutrition, and exercise and wraps it around your personal makeup.

Our GxSlim testing kit lets you craft a strategy that will help you use the factors that affect your body weight to get the most from your nutrition and exercise efforts.

This article details how our GxSlim test works, a bit on genetic testing, genotype basics, and the benefits of choosing DNA is the Way to get you closer to your ideal body weight. DNA testing is the best weight loss program and the answer you are looking for.

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Genetic Testing and Genotype Basics

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing uses saliva, blood, or other tissues to reveal information about a person’s genes to give you a DNA test report. The DNA testing identifies key genes and information on specific areas known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs.

A Genotype describes the outcome of your individual genetic tests.

Why is your genotype important?

Your genotype is the blueprint for your body. We will use the word genotype frequently in this article. A genotype is basically a set of genes that you either inherited or genes that are unique to only you.

When it comes to our DNA test, the ratings we provide you based on your genotype in each category reflect your genetic testing results for each gene or set of genes. The ratings show you your body’s genetic response to weight loss and how you absorb macronutrients.

Your phenotype is how you physically manifest or express your genotype. Your phenotype may be different than your genotype because the way your genes express themselves has a lot to do with your environment and your lifestyle.

It is possible for your DNA analysis to show a decrease or increase for specific abilities to lose weight; it does not mean that you will, in fact, lose weight because weight loss is a process and a way of lifetime eating.

Please do not view your genotype as a definitive diagnosis for weight loss. Our provided analysis only measures your ODDS for different outcomes or the likelihood your phenotype will express what your genotype predicts. WOW, now that was a mouth full.

I know it all sounds a bit complicated for a simple DNA test. But a lot goes on behind the scenes by highly trained scientists. So let’s move forward and get into some detail on what our GxSlim DNA test reveals in the report and what do we check for?

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What is the Best Weight Loss Program-GxSlim

A DNA-based approach to weight loss is exactly what you’re looking for to achieve your ultimate level of looking good and feeling good. So let’s take a look at DNA is the Way’s test, GxSlim.

Which Body Traits Are Analyzed?

Brand New Trait Added

We analyze genes related to 5 significant categories: Your ability to lose weight, how your body metabolizes macronutrients, how your body utilizes micronutrients, your response to exercise, and our brand new category, Food Sensitivity.

We also have 3 completely new genetic traits we test that are related to weight-loss:

  • Metabolism
  • Weight Regain
  • Satiety

You will find that some results are directly related to weight loss efforts from diet and exercise and incorporate a weight loss approach like no other. But other results are related to how you feel and how your body functions optimally.

How Are Your Results Determined?

In each of the categories tested, the genetic analysis reveals which gene combos you have. From this analysis, we will calculate a score for each trait in the categories and give you a rating.

Note that you could have one gene per trait in each category, or you can have several genes per trait in each category. The score we calculate is based on a combination of influences from one or more genes.

We evaluate your potential genetic response and provide you with feedback based on evidence grounded research, as well as the input for our highly experienced medical team. We use the best research to base your results on. Many studies out there include genetic analyses, but not all of them are reliable or valid.

We have access to the most scientifically valid and largest genome-wide studies in addition to other high-quality research. We calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations and produce your unique DNA results.

These tips are important because, in most cases, the outcomes for a genotype are a response to a specific diet or exercise prescription.

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Your Report Summary Will Mirror The Following:

  • Weight Loss Ability
    • What your genes say, the blueprint of your DNA
    • What your rating is-you unique results
    • Related genes tested-other SNPs that correlate
    • Success strategies-suggestions for success
    • Tips for effective dieting-based on your nutrition recommendations
    • Tips on how to burn the highest calories with exercise-is cardio or strength training best for you
  • Food
    • What foods do you need to eat and in what proportions of the following 3?
  1. Protein utilization
  2. Fat utilization
  3. Carb utilization
  • Nutrients
    • What nutrients do you need and tend to absorb better of the following micronutrients?
    • Vitamin B9- Folate Tendency
    • Vitamin A Tendency
    • Vitamin B6 Tendency
    • Vitamin B12 Tendency
    • Vitamin C Tendency
    • Vitamin D Tendency
  • Exercise
    • How much should you exercise?
    • Which type of exercise is best for your body, cardio, or strength training?
    • Fat Loss response to cardio-how will your body respond
    • Fitness response to cardio-
    • How well does your body mass increase with strength training-do you tend to build muscle well
    • How well does your cholesterol respond to cardio?-do you tend to lower your cholesterol easily
    • Insulin sensitivity response to cardio, are you insulin resistant?

Completely New Traits That We Test For

  • Food Sensitivity
    • Sweets Preference-Do you have a sweet tooth and prefer high sugar foods?
    • Bitterness Sensitivity-Are you sensitive to bitter tastes wich will cause you to eat less begetables.
    • Caffeine Metabolism-How do you metabolise caffeine?

And now we have 3 completely new genetic traits we test that are related to weight-loss:

  • Metabolism-We look at your DNA to determine how your metabolism responds to diet and exercise, how it burns fat, and your resting metabolic rate (RMR.)
  • Weight Regain-How likely are you to regain weight after you have changed your lifestyle?.
  • Satiety-Will you have difficulties feeling “full” after you have eaten a meal and how likely are you to have food cravings.

The really amazing part is there is no extra charge for the extras to your best weight loss program. These new traits and the new category are included in your original price: the same great price, the same excellent service, and no price increase.

At the end of your report, you will find links to related studies to further your research and help you achieve your ideal body weight.

What You’ll Learn About Your Body With The GxSlim Test:

  • What do your genotypes suggest about your ability to lose weight and body fat in response to different types of diets and exercise programs.
  • Insights into how well you absorb micronutrients and what foods would help this process
  • Insights into how regular exercise affects your health
  • Suggestions for success based on your DNA analysis
  • Evidence-based research recommendations on diet and exercise for an optimal approach to effective bodyweight management.

DNA testing will provide you with the guidance you need to optimize your diet for weight loss.

Brand New 7-Day meal Plan with Recipes

We now provide you with more than exceptional service to help you follow your genetic weight loss plan. With your best weight loss program, we now offer a “7-Day Recommended Meal Plan.” This meal plan includes recipes for all of the suggested meals we offer you based on your genetic findings.

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What Are The Benefits Of Choosing DNA is the Way?

  • In-depth analysis of your DNA by a highly qualified team of scientists
  • Report accompanied by a consultation call to go over your results in detail
  • Recommendations for weight loss and exercise based on your tailored DNA results
  • Bundle your test with one or more other DNA tests for an even bigger discount
  • Free Shipping on your DNA collection kit
  • Video instructions on how to use the kit
  • Pre-paid envelope provided for your sample return
  • Free one-hour session One-on-one access to a registered nurse/certified nutritionist-(a $100 value)


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Here at DNA is the Way we look at your genetic results, personal factors (provided by you) and use evidence-based guidelines to suggest the most effective weight management strategies.

We give you a roadmap of your specific genes and guide you on how to optimize your health and well-being with your new knowledge.

By knowing how a certain genotype for a specific trait may affect you, you’re able to make changes in your diet and exercise routine that will affect your entire lifestyle for a positive change. Lifestyle changes will aid you in achieving the best results from your weight management efforts and long term management of your health.

If you’re ready to see results, order our Gx Slim test kit and get closer to your envisioned physic.

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