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Meet Gabriel-Your Online Personal Fitness Trainer

Gabriel is a kind-hearted man with a soft-spoken way but make no mistake; he is steadfast in his commitment to fitness and his approach to helping you.

His greatest passion is to help you reach your full potential with the right fitness and wellness program.

In his earlier years, Gabriel was on a quest to improve his self-esteem and personal growth. His search led him to a renewed life of wellness through fitness and weight lifting.

As the years passed by and he grew in self-awareness, his confidence began to soar. But Gabriel does not attribute all of this to his appearance. He realized that fitness promotes a healthy mind and body.

As Gabriel moved forward in his quest for a healthier lifestyle, people began to reach out from all walks of his life. From the gym to his cooperate job, people wanted his advice and training, which made Gabriel a highly sought-after public speaker. He has since spoken on many aspects of health, fitness, and wellness.

Gabriel’s life is devoted to his family and helping those who also want to find that balance between self-confidence and a renewed mind and body. But even with his busy life, he participates in a podcast. His topics range from fitness, health, wellness, and life issues, such as sleep, stress, and motivation.


His Podcast is “The NXTLVL Show.” As you drive to work tomorrow, flip on one of his podcasts found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, or any other podcast platform and get to know him better.

Gabriel’s official certification is through NAFC Fitness Certification Training.

Mini Personal Fitness Training

(Base Price)

300 minutes of virtual online personal fitness raining with Gabriel

Free consultation to set up your program

300 minutes in increments of 30, 60 or 90 min sessions

3 weeks to use 300 minutes

Advanced Personal Fitness Training

($121) Savings

600 minutes of virtual online personal fitness raining with Gabriel

Free consultation to set up your program

600 minutes in increments of 30, 60 or 90 min sessions

6 weeks to use 600 minutes


A favorite thing about my workout is how it’s tailored to fit my needs. If you want a life-changing experience and are willing to put in the work, Gabriel will work just as hard to help you succeed.


alexandra working out


I really enjoy the conversations and the workouts with Gabriel. I’ve seen so much improvement in my muscle mass and my overall body.

– Alexandra

Gabriel approaches fitness from a holistic view, with your fitness goals at the forefront of his mind. Together you can design an online fitness program that fits your needs.

Begin your training today with one of the most well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced trainers on the market.

300 fitness minutes
additional 600 fitness minutes
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