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Use Your Genes To Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans 

Use Your Genes To Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans

Have You Tried Every Diet And

Fitness Plan On The Market

And You Still Can’t Fit Into

ThoseSkinny Jeans?

girl with hanburger with tape over her mouth

Have you been on lockdown with COVID-19, and all you did was eat. Well, don’t feel alone, that is what everyone did. 

Or did you have a baby and just can’t get those unwanted pounds off? 

Or have you been a bit overweight all of your life and keep making jokes that it is in your genes?

You have tried every diet under the sun for the past decade, and nothing works. They work for your friends but not for you. You did it for one month, but all you did was gain weight, so you quit going.

You just want to lose weight. Your Doctor has marked your medical record as obese, and you are only 2 points above a healthy BMI. He keeps telling you that you have to lose weight now! His only suggestion is to use your will power. 

You stuck with a diet plan for two whole months. And your Doctor thinks you don’t have will power. You did good, but the pounds just wouldn’t come off. You even walked on the treadmill for 2 hours, and all it did was make you tired. 

You have tried everything; nothing works, so you just gave up.


That Vacation To The Beach Is Coming Up. You Know, The One With Your High School Girlfriends.

All you can think about is “they can’t see me like this. I’m not skinny like I used to be.” Oh no you don’t think you can go. What will you do? You can’t even get your jeans buttoned. You swore you would never gain this much weight but it happened and you just can take off the weight.

girl trying to button her too small jeans

Your family always wants to go out on the weekends, and when you get off work, you can’t resist picking up fast food for dinner. You try so hard to choose the right foods. But when you get 30 min to relax, all you can think about are the cookies in the cupboard or the chips in the pantry. You are so hungry you decide to eat and feel guilty later. 

Now there is only a month left before you go to the beach with your friends. There is no way you can lose 50 pounds in a month or even 30 pounds. So you decide to cancel your trip. But you miss your girlfriends so much, and you always have so much fun. You have never missed a year, but now you have to. The embarrassment is just too much to handle. 

WILL THERE EVER BE A SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM. CAN’T ANYONE HELP? You feel hopeless, so you eat more. You won’t be going to the beach anyway, so you just keep eating more and more. You are in a whirlwind spirling down. You can’t see a way out. 

my dNA story

I spent my whole life fit and healthy. But as I aged, I began to put on the pounds. No matter what I did it they just kept piling on.

I tried every diet on the market Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, and so many more. They are all good diets, but I knew they wouldn’t work for me. Nothing ever worked for long. I would lose 5 pounds and put it right back on.

I didn’t want to go out in public. I tried to hide behind closed doors and just eat. I felt hopeless and lost. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING worked?

a girl with hand on face ashamed

I am a nurse, and I like to find solutions to problems to help others. But I could not come up with a good reason why I could not lose weight or a solution to my problem.

One day I received a call telling me about DNA testing for weight loss, age prevention, and improving athletic performance. I had never heard about this although it had been in the works for a few years. Not until two years ago did companies and labs get the go-ahead from the FDA to do the testing.

The labs had to have stringent codes set in place for accurate testing before they could bring it to the public. Once I learned about this, I knew DNA testing was well regulated, and it created a trust in me that moved me forward.

The Star Trek of the past was now meeting the future and changing the world. The future of weight loss was now in the present. I was so excited! I found a solution.

So I set out to do my testing. I found out some exciting things like my body loves carbohydrates, and I don’t metabolize fat well. Knowing these things has changed my way of thinking. I now have a lifetime diet that is NOT a short term fix. It is my path to health and a happy self-image.

Please allow me to say that it is OK to want to lose weight. At the same time, we are no longer in the era of Twiggy, who was rail thin in the 70s.

But to be 30 to 100 pounds overweight is not healthy for you physically or mentally. You have to feel good about your health and your physical appearance.

Just Imagine-

life be like if you could button those skinny jeans?

Or better yet what would it feel like to fit into that

 Oh So cute body skimming red dress or your favorite bikini again.

that skinny red dress on a girl sitting on a couch

How would it feel to meet the girls at the beach hotel sporting this perfectly form-fitting red dress? After all, you don’t dress for yourselves, you dress to impress others. RIGHT? And just how incredible would it be to see those looks of shock, those jaw-dropping moments when your girlfriends first set their eyes on you.

Or what about your husband or significant other when they begin to notice you are losing weight and start showing a new interest in you. WHY? Because YOU are so HOT and you feel so good about yourself. OH, HOW SWEET IT IS!!!

What about you fellas, what would it feel like to sport that 6-pack and all of the girls google eye over you while you play sand volleyball on the beach? What an incredible feeling that would be!

Are your emotions on a roller coaster like this. Back and forth. Have you missed out on so much because you’ve lost your self-esteem from your weight gain?

You can change all of this with one test. With your results we can give you direction and guidance. You can know exactly what your body needs.

GxSlim Is The Test For You!

Here at DNA is the Way we have the answer for you. DNA testing for weight-loss is a wave of the future that is here today.

With your DNA test, you will find out what macronutrients you absorb well, and in what proportions your body desires for you to eat each one. 

Macronutrients are foods such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. But that’s not all! We test for so much more. What vitamins do you need, what type of exercise will burn the fat quickest for you, and your weight-loss ability. Are you intrinsically motivated or extrinsically?

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When you buy GxSlim, you will receive a sample DNA kit, in the mail, to obtain your saliva along with a link to a video on how to do this properly.

Your purchase is a one time value with perks such as:

  1. Free kit (a $10 value)
  2. Free shipping with a prepaid return envelope to the lab, within the US (a $20 value)
  3. Free consultation to go over your DNA results (a $100 value)
  4. One Free consultation with a certified nutritionist (a $100 value)

But that’s not all! With your first purchase of a DNA test, you will get an INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT on each additional test. 

  • $299 for the first test of your choice
  • $150 for the second test of your choice
  • $100 for the third test of your choice
  • $70 for the fourth test of your choice
  • $50 for the fifth test

As you can see, when you purchase more than one test with your first purchase, your discount is deep and affordable.

But not only that: You will receive 2 free consultations with a certified nutritionist (a $200 value). That is 2 one hour sessions to talk about the best way to apply your unique DNA results for success.

4 mockup dna tests


Your DNA will reveal what your body wants. How you respond to macronutrients to lose weight. Along with how to exercise to burn fat the quickest. You will have suggestions and guidance on what foods are best for your body and how to apply that to weight loss.


With perform your DNA will reveal how your body responds to exercise. Are you better at running or at weight lifting. How well does your heart pump oxygen to your body during exercise. What is your stroke volume and so much more. 


Do you want to retain your youth? With renew testing you will find out where you tend to age the most as well as longevity of life. We will give you suggestions on how to prevent the aging and retain your youthful look much longer. 


Nutrient absorption is an incredible test that tells you how well you tend to absorb vitamins and minerals. With this DNA test we dive deeper into your body’s needs for vitamins and minerals. 

girl in red dress and cape on a wall

When you have all 4 of tests performed, your self-confidence will soar just knowing what your body needs. You will be empowered! After all these years, you will know why you couldn’t lose weight. There isn’t anything wrong with you. It is in your genes. Your DNA held the answer all along.

You will know how to eat for success and health. You will learn how to defy age and what foods to eat to increase your vitamin nutrients. Not to mention what type of exercise you are best suited for and how your body responds to strength and endurance training.

You will know your body inside and out. Your body will work for you when you eat the right foods. 

Your DNA is unique to only you. You can’t eat like everyone else or diet like everyone else. You have to do it your way—the way your body is designed to perform.

Here at DNA is the Way we can help you find out what design your body has for you.

Would you like to know who you are from the inside out? Find out what your body wants through DNA testing.

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