Let's Welcome

DNA is the Way are proud to introduce you to Gabriel Contreras, the newest member of our team.

He is a fitness trainer here to offer you an array of training options 

to purchase and utilize to reach your fitness goals.

Gabriel approaches fitness from a holistic view with your fitness goals at the forefront of his mind and will design an exercise program that fits your needs. Based on your DNA results, he will develop a fitness and health plan that will make you feel great and see results in no time.

Who Is gabriel?

Gabriel is a kind-hearted man with a soft-spoken way but make no mistake; he is steadfast in his commitment to fitness and his approach to helping you.

His greatest passion is to help others reach their full potential through fitness.

But Gabriel has not always been a fitness guru. In an earlier life, he lacked self-confidence because he was too thin and of shorter stature than a lot of men. He set out to build his self-esteem because he knew growing taller was not an option.

His search led him to fitness and weight lifting. As the years passed by and he grew in self-awareness, his confidence began to soar. But Gabriel does not attribute all of this to his appearance. He began to realize that fitness promotes the health of the mind and body. And his love of his new self led him to where he is today.

As we all know, life can sometimes get in the way. Life became busy with the birth of his children and shifted away from fitness. But the love of training never left his heart.

As his children grew from infancy, he decided to pursue his love and passion as more than a hobby. Only this time, people were reaching out to him from the gym all the way to his cooperate job world.

His journey was beginning to manifest his dream. He was now helping others on their road to improved self-confidence. Gabriel became a sponge to absorb everything closely and remotely associated with health and fitness.

Gabriel’s official certification is through NAFC Fitness Certification Training.

Today Gabriel is pleased with his public speaking abilities and is sought after to speak on health and fitness.

He has a podcast for fitness that incorporates all health and life issues to include topics (but not limited to), fitness, sleep, stress, and motivation.


As you drive to work tomorrow, flip on one of his podcasts found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play or any other podcast platform and get to know him better.

We Are proud to affiliate with Gabriel. 

His training is from the people and for the people to improve lives. 

His heart is in his work, and his mind is always growing.