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A DNA-based diet is the only one you will ever need again. We design it based on your DNA results.

DNA is the WAY use your DNA to determine how your body best absorbs foods. Then we take these results and design a diet and fitness program that is ideally suited for your genotype.

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To learn more about what we test we perform on your DNA, check out “Find Out What Is The Best Weight Loss Program For You?”

But that’s not all; we also look at the type of exercise that your body responds to best to help us determine what you need to do to perform at your optimal calorie-burning state.

  • a kit sent to your home Free
  • access to video  on how to use the kit
  • a pre-paid envelope provided for your sample return
  • a consultation call when results are back
  • Free access to a registered nurse/certified nutritionist-one-hour free-a $100 value free
  • Recommendations for weight loss and exercise based on your results
  • discount for more than one test with your first order


Trusted Lab-Best Results

When you have a trusted lab like AKESOgen to do your DNA test you can't go wrong.
They are certified and have won awards for their performance.
What are you waiting for?

Do You Absorb Vitamins And Minerals Well?

Find out with a DNA test if your body absorbs vitamins and minerals well for optimal health. 

From Overweight To Empowered!

Are you ready to see results with the best weight loss program? 

Empower Your Life With DNA!

You can know you from the inside out.
When you know what your body says about you it is liberating.
Empower your life with your unique results.

Become The Athlete You Desire

Know you from the inside out with your DNA results.
Empower your workout and see yourself in a new light.

Defy Aging-Look Younger Longer!

Turn back the hands of time.
Find out where you will age the most and prevent it with DNA testing.

Know Who You Are
Know If CBD Is Healthy For You!

You can know you from the inside out. Don't just guess at how your body will react to CBD oil. Know your genetic makeup. KNOW YOU!

Additional information

Special Offer

When you place an order for one DNA test, you may bundle the order and add more tests to be performed. This offer is good with your original order only.

23andMe, Ancestry DNA

If you have already a member of 23andMe Health+Ancestry test or an Ancestry DNA test, we offer you a different special offer with a huge discount. You will not need to submit another sample for DNA testing!

During registration, we will prompt you to upload your 23andMe Health+Ancestry or AncestryDNA raw genetic data form. With this information, we will perform your DNA testing using existing data. Your results will be generated much faster and you will have your report in just a few days.
Special Offer
1 DNA test -$159
2 DNA tests-$239
3 DNA tests-$279
4 DNA tests- $319
Bundle any tests of your choice for the Offer with your first order.

1 review for GxSlim-Your DNA For Weight Loss

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have watched it on the news recently and decided to find a bit more information on it. From what I heard this is should be the best way to lose weight efficiently. Plus an exercise program designed for my needs is a good thing. I definitely will consider this product.

    • Laura Fuller

      You have done your research. I am happy to see this. Yes if you have questions please let me know. We are here to help and to get you started on your plan.

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DNA is the Way is supported by its readers. When you click on a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

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