GxCBD-DNA Test For Total Body Health



Not everyone can metabolize CBD oil. Some SNPs in your DNA determine if CBD is helpful or harmful for you. CBD has been talked about as a drug to help with inflammation. But if your body does not metabolize it well, it can build up and become harmful for you.

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To learn more about what tests we perform on your DNA, check out “DNA Swab Test-Is CBD Oil Good for You And How Will You Know?”

With your DBD DNA test, you will know how likely you will have increased inflammation that can cause harm and pain. We also look at CBD metabolism, Systemic inflammation, sleep duration, pain tolerance, social anxiety, stress tolerance, alcohol sensitivity, and your chronotype. A chronotype says if you are a morning person or do better at another time of the day.

  • a kit sent to your home
  • access to video instructions on how to use the kit
  • a pre-paid envelope provided to return your sample
  • a consultation call when results are back
  • Free access to a registered nurse/certified nutritionist-a $100 value
  • recommendations on how to improve each segment of your results
  • discount for more than one test with your first order
Trusted Lab-Best Results

When you have a trusted lab like AKESOgen to do your DNA test you can't go wrong.
They are certified and have won awards for their performance.
What are you waiting for?

Do You Absorb Vitamins And Minerals Well?

Find out with a DNA test if your body absorbs vitamins and minerals well for optimal health. 

From Overweight To Empowered!

Are you ready to see results with the best weight loss program? 

Empower Your Life With DNA!

You can know you from the inside out.
When you know what your body says about you it is liberating.
Empower your life with your unique results.

Become The Athlete You Desire

Know you from the inside out with your DNA results.
Empower your workout and see yourself in a new light.

Defy Aging-Look Younger Longer!

Turn back the hands of time.
Find out where you will age the most and prevent it with DNA testing.

Know Who You Are
Know If CBD Is Healthy For You!

You can know you from the inside out. Don't just guess at how your body will react to CBD oil. Know your genetic makeup. KNOW YOU!

Additional information

Special Offer

When you place an order for one DNA test, you may bundle the order and add more tests to be performed. This offer is good with your original order only.


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DNA is the Way is supported by its readers. When you click on a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

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