One-On-One Consultation To Put Your Concerns At Ease



We offer a one-on-one consultation to address your concerns before your purchase. We will discuss your concerns and talk about the plan that best fits your needs to solve any of your worries.

Once you make your purchase, head over to the contact page and drop us a line with your available date and times, we will do our best to arrange your consultation at a convenient time. We can talk by phone or on a face-to-face app, whichever you prefer.

Please be sure to include your name in the message.

Trusted Lab-Best Results

When you have a trusted lab like AKESOgen to do your DNA test you can't go wrong.
They are certified and have won awards for their performance.
What are you waiting for?

Do You Absorb Vitamins And Minerals Well?

Find out with a DNA test if your body absorbs vitamins and minerals well for optimal health. 

From Overweight To Empowered!

Are you ready to see results with the best weight loss program? 

Empower Your Life With DNA!

You can know you from the inside out.
When you know what your body says about you it is liberating.
Empower your life with your unique results.

Become The Athlete You Desire

Know you from the inside out with your DNA results.
Empower your workout and see yourself in a new light.

Defy Aging-Look Younger Longer!

Turn back the hands of time.
Find out where you will age the most and prevent it with DNA testing.

Know Who You Are
Know If CBD Is Healthy For You!

You can know you from the inside out. Don't just guess at how your body will react to CBD oil. Know your genetic makeup. KNOW YOU!


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