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Is age creeping up on you, revealing its effects on how you feel, function, and look? Are you looking for a way to stop aging now and feel more youthful in your life?

Each of us will face off with aging at some point in our lives, and it’s only natural that we explore everything we can about staying younger longer. Your youth and anti-aging capabilities may be rooted in your DNA and further affected by environmental and lifestyle factors.

Your DNA may be the key to identifying the specific lifestyle and behavioral tendencies most important to you leading a functional, youthful life.

Our GX Renew testing kit gives you a thorough genetic analysis with specific insights about key genes related to your body’s function, look, and feel. These results will move you further down the path to reverse the aging process effectively.

Let’s discuss how a DNA test can be beneficial in your efforts to stop aging, why we recommend our GX Renew test as a success guide, and a concise breakdown of how our test works to improve the way you look, feel, and function.

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How Can a DNA Test be Beneficial in Your Efforts to Stop Aging?

When it comes to genetic testing…

Genetic testing identifies key genes and information on specific areas known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. 

It uses saliva, blood, or other tissues to reveal information about your genes. The outcome of your individual genetic tests is known as your genotype.

A DNA test can be beneficial to your efforts to stop aging because…

Your genotype is the blueprint for your body and can be leveraged to improve your looks, optimize your body’s functions, and feel your best. We will use the word genotype frequently in this article. A genotype is basically a set of genes that you either inherited or genes unique to only you.

The ratings we provide with your FDNA test are based on your genotype in each category. They reveal
your potential response based on your genes to a different diet, lifestyle, and other behaviors regarding how your body feels, functions, and looks.

Your phenotype may be different than your genotype because the way your genes express themselves has a lot to do with your environment and your lifestyle.

Your DNA analysis can show a decrease or increase in your specific genes associated with aging. It does not mean that you will, in fact, stop aging just because you had your test run, but it does mean you will know what parts of your body will age more quickly.

Please do not view your genotype as a definitive diagnosis for your aging process. We provide an analysis that only measures your ODDS for different outcomes or the likelihood your phenotype will express what your genotype predicts. WOW, now that was a mouth full.

I know it all sounds a bit complicated for a simple DNA test. But a lot goes on behind the scenes by highly trained scientists. Let’s move forward and get into some detail on our GxRenew DNA test, what it reveals in the report, and what we analyze.

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How Our GX Renew Test Works to Help You Stop Aging Now

How your results are determined in our GX Renew Test

We analyze genes related to three major health categories: how you feel, how you function, and how you look.

In each of the categories tested, your genetic analysis reveals which gene combinations you have. Note that you can have one gene per marker in each category, or you can have several genes per marker in each category. 

Based on our calculated score, you will receive a rating. Our calculated score reflects your combined influences from one or more genes, telling you how you will age. 

In addition to receiving facts about how to prevent aging based on your DNA, you also get suggestions on what to include in your diet based on your results. 

We evaluate your potential genetic response and provide suggestions on managing and/or leveraging it based on scientific research recommendations.

We use the most extensive and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate your score for the different combinations of genes we test in each category. 

With an evolving ability to identify and analyze a person’s DNA, your results detail insights about your body’s aging process. In analyzing your results, we’re confident our given direction on leveraging this information can optimize a healthy and younger you. 

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Your GX Renew results report breaks down as follows:

Report Summary

In this section, you’ll find a summary of the information to be broken down in the following pages of your report. It’s broken down into three categories: Look, Feel, and Function. In each category you’ll see three columns: the first column being the trait tested, the second column details your rate of this trait, and the third column names the specific genes tested.


In this section you’ll find each of the following traits related to your look broken down into more detail:

• Sun Sensitivity
• Skin Aging
• Skin Glycation
• Facial Aging
• Stretch Marks
• Fat Loss Response to Cardio
• Body Composition Response to Strength Training

With each look-related trait, you’ll explore:

What your genes say about you– This section provides information on what your genetic profile characteristics say about your level of response to the named trait. It will detail how your specific genes may physically manifest this trait and important information to note based on your genes.

Your rating– You’ll receive an average rating in the range of Below Average to Highly Increased, based on what your genetic profile indicates about the specific trait.

Related genes/SNPs- This section details the gene or genes and associated SNPs included in the overall category shown to have significant associations with your level of the specific trait. There is also a bit more general detail on them, how they’re related to the tested traits, and the effects on your body.

Success strategies– This section will give you evidence-based recommendations and strategies to maintain or improve your body’s function. Also, on how you feel, or look through diet, exercise, lifestyle, and other behavioral changes related to the specific trait.


In this section, you’ll also find each of the following traits related to how your body feels. Each feel-related trait is broken down further for greater detail. The results will tell you if these traits will affect your aging process.

• Intrinsic Motivation to Exercise
• Addictive Behavior and Stimulus Control
• Impulse Control and Taste Preference with Aging
• Sleep Duration
• Sugar Intake


In this section, you’ll also find each of the following body function traits broken down into more detail. You will see the same category breakdowns detailed above for each trait related to body function:

• Mental Acuity
• Age Related Hearing Loss
• Longevity
• Fitness Response to Cardio
• Systemic Inflammation
• Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Tendency
• Cholesterol Response to Dietary Fat
• Insulin Response to Dietary Fat
• Trig Response to Cardio
• Lactose Intolerance
• Calcium Tendency
• Copper Tendency
• Magnesium Tendency
• Dietary Choline Levels
• Selenium Tendency
• Zinc Tendency

Links to Related Studies

This final section provides you with additional links to studies related to how to effectively stop aging, nurture your body’s functions, and feel good mentally and physically.

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Why We Recommend Our GX Renew Test as a Guide to Success

  • Free Shipping on your DNA collection kit 
  • Video instructions on how to use your kit
  • In-depth analysis accompanied by a consultation call to go over your results
  • Bundle your test with one or more other tests for a significant discount 
  • Pre-paid envelope provided for your sample return
  • A nutrient diet consultation with a certified nutritionist 
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Age is creeping up on all of us with each passing day. DNA testing and analysis will improve the way your body functions, feels and looks.

Your genotype-specific results will provide the information you need to turn back the hands of time and prevent aging.

Are you ready to gain valuable DNA-based insight on how to stop aging and look, feel, and function at your best? Order our GXRenew test kit today!

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