The Best Diet and Exercise Plan-The DNA Way

We’ve all heard mythical stories of fountains of youth, where old priests or kings dipped themselves and emerged as renewed younger versions of themselves. These stories are only stories, but there is some truth to them. We often search for the best diet and exercise plan to find the mythical fountain of youth.

The Best Diet and Exercise Plan

While we cannot retain our youthful looks and bodies forever, we can control our youthfulness and energy for much longer than nature allows. Your genes and DNA can tell you a great deal about the best approach for you to maintain your youth, which is precisely what this article will explore.

Diet Plan

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Food is a crucial component of our daily life, and one that drives us to do anything and everything. The consumption of food is essential. Knowing and understanding your genetic profile can help you determine the best diet for you, and ensure that your diet plan aligns with your nutritional goals. It is essential to know what to consume and how much.

A Low-Fat Diet

If your DNA reflects low energy levels, a history of heart disease and/or high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, a low-fat diet may be more appropriate for you. Generally, a low low-fat meal plan on a typical day consists of 70% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 15% fat.

  • Breakfast: I know you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is no lie. For a low-fat diet plan, it is essential for breakfast to keep you up and running until your lunch break. 
  • A low-fat breakfast can consist of ¾ cup of oatmeal, bananas, coffee, and orange juice. 
  • Morning Snack: It can be hard not to stay hungry till lunch. You can allow yourself to cheat a little with some roasted chickpeas, and enjoy them with curry powder and cumin.  
  • Lunch: An ideal lunch for a low-fat diet can consist of a cup of low-sodium vegetable soup, half tuna salad sandwich, and an apple. For drinks, you can enjoy some ice-cold water. You can add lemon or coconut to flavor it if you like.
  • Evening Snack: You’re likely to feel a dip in energy midafternoon with a low-fat diet. Make up for it with baby carrots or low-fat popcorn.
  • Supper: For dinner, you can enjoy some cherry salad with blue cheese, about half a cup of brown rice, and a salmon with pineapple salsa. You can even help yourself to a glass of wine, which helps with the increase in HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol – the “good” fat.

Mediterranean Diet

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Also called a high-fat diet, Mediterranean diets are rich in plant-sourced fats. They keep your cholesterol levels healthier and blood sugar levels consistent, allowing you to enjoy a well-balanced life. Mediterranean diets usually consist of 35-40% of fat, 15-20% protein, and 40-50% of carbohydrates and are rich in vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits. 

  • Breakfast: Your breakfast should start enriched in carbohydrates and fibers, which would provide you the boost that you need throughout the day. A typical Mediterranean breakfast includes 2-3 slices of whole-grain toasted bread, two tablespoons of peanut butter, one tablespoon of sunflower seeds, and a medium sliced banana.
  • Morning Snack: If you find yourself hungry in between lunch and breakfast, you can help yourself to some dried cranberries or unsalted walnuts, which can satiate your hunger until the afternoon.
  • Lunch: For lunch, you can help yourself some noodles and fish. About half a cup of boiled wheat, half a cup of brown lentils, a full cup of zucchini noodles, and a steamed fish like salmon and tuna can help you have a perfect Mediterranean lunch. For the dressing, serve it with two teaspoons of olive oil. 
  • Evening Snack: You can enjoy your evening with carrot sticks and one pear or orange. To add some taste, you can savor them by dipping them in hummus.
  • Supper: Just like breakfast, your supper is as equally important. Your supper may consist of half a cup of brown rice, half cup of sweet corn, deboned skinless chicken thigh, baked asparagus, and half an avocado. 

A Low-Carb Diet

While carbohydrates are our primary source of energy, too many carbs can lead to severe problems like obesity and heart disease. A low-carb diet can help if your DNA reflects weight around your midsection, high levels of triglycerides, or high blood pressure. They generally consist of 30% carbs, 30% proteins, and 40% fats. 

  • Breakfast: Enjoying an avocado salsa with peppers is rich in calories and can be a perfect way to begin your day in the morning 
  • Morning snack: Your snacks during the midday can be dependent on fruits such as one medium-sized orange or pear. 
  • Lunch: An easy lunch that helps you go through the rest of the day is a Waldorf salad, and dressed with light mayonnaise.
  • Evening Snack: Light but fulfilling, a low-carb evening snack can be celery sticks dipped in peanut butter.
  • Dinner: Your dinner will be the most important meal of your day, and the one that makes up for the most calories. For dinner, you can have a Cauliflower and Grilled Cheese Sandwich along with a cup of butternut squash soup.

Fitness Plan

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Just like food, fitness is equally important for a healthy lifestyle and a longer lifespan. It can also make you look more youthful, and can help you feel more energetic and active. However, to maintain your fitness level, you would need a consistent workout routine. Much like your diet, your DNA can significantly influence your fitness plans as well. Not only that but your DNA testing for weight loss can tell you what type of exercise plan will help you burn fat the quickest. 

A proper DNA test can indicate if you have power bias or endurance bias. It is important to note that this does not suggest if you will be better at power sports or endurance sports. Instead, your DNA profile will tell you about your body’s adaptability and response to power and endurance sports.

Power Bias

Power training refers to exercises and sports that comprise high-intensity physical activities over a short period. A person with high power bias can practice one or more of these exercises to stay fit: 

  • Olympic lifts – These include high-intensity weightlifting exercises such as bench presses and deadlifts. These exercises can significantly strengthen your cardiovascular system and make your muscles stronger and firmer.
  • Sprints – Running short distances in a short time can work up your anaerobic system, improve your blood circulation and brain health. Besides, even the idea of running free into the wind with all your speed itself can make you feel younger!
  • Plyometric exercises – These include exercises that are concerned with maximum force production, such as hurdle jumps and burpees. They train your calf muscles and help in shaping your legs, making you more stable and physically balanced.
  • Exercise circuits – Short freehand training circuits that include pushups, lunges, and squats can also play a vital role in improving your bone density and physical coordination.

Endurance Bias

Endurance training, on the other hand, is concerned with your ability to carry out low-intensity tasks over a long period. A person with a strong endurance bias would be better suited for sports that require high levels of oxygen, such as:

  • Running – Running helps to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, and reinforces your muscle strength. Most importantly, it is absolutely free. All you need is your legs, and you can get started in no time!
  • Walking – Much like running but at a slower pace, walking can also be a great form of exercise. Walking causes you to lift your legs and work against gravity, which helps to develop and rejuvenate your bones and muscles. 
  • Cycling – If you know how to ride a bike, cycling can be an excellent way for endurance-biased people to stay fit. It uses up all major muscle groups in your lower body and improves your stamina and fitness. 
  • Yoga – Yoga is soothing and relaxing and trains not only your body but your mind as well. Yoga strengthens your muscles, increases your breathing capacity, and brings you peace of mind. 

Too Much Information?

With all of this information, you may ask which one is for me? We have a DNA test called GxSlim that will tell you what your body best absorbs. Does your body need more carbohydrates or fats or proteins?

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You can use all of the latest diets on the market, but if you are not following the plan your body has for you, they will not work.

I, for example, tried the Paleo and the low carb diets. For a short time, I did well, but I then gained all of my weight back. When I had my DNA testing performed, I found out I need to eat a diet high in carbohydrates. Well, the Paleo and the low carb diets did not fit my needs. They may be perfect for someone else but not for me.

What is the perfect diet for you? It is in your genes, and it is unique to only you.

As for exercise, I was lifting weights and doing a bit of cardio a day. I found out that it takes longer cardio for my body to begin burning fat. So I increased my cardio and used my weight training as a cardio exercise. I moved through my weights quickly to keep my heart rate up and thereby used it as cardio.

Had I not had my DNA tested, I would have struggled with weight loss forever.

You will find differing opinions on exercise for weight loss. But testing your DNA is a lifestyle change. Here at DNA is the Way, you will obtain an oral DNA test that will reveal your body’s unique needs. These results will include an exercise plan that you can perform if you like. Your plan will have information tailored to your exact body composition and motivation factors.

Exercise is not required, but if you do a meal plan, only you will get the nutrients you need, but you will not strengthen your heart and stability. If you have not exercised in a while, we can set up a plan to start slow. Slow and low is an excellent healthy beginning to a lifestyle of energy and strength that will carry you for many many years to come.

Final Thoughts

While both nutrition and fitness play a crucial role in our life, it is up to us to understand how to best use it. Analyzing and knowing your genetic profile can tell you a great deal about which nutrition plan or workout routine to follow.  Through consistency and discipline in your diet and fitness levels, you can defy the natural processes of aging and live a much longer and better life. You are only a cheek swab DNA test away form a new you. Get started today on caring for you. 

Have you struggled for a long time to find the perfect diet? I would love to help you and also hear your story. Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “The Best Diet and Exercise Plan-The DNA Way”

  1. Laura, 

    Thank you for this wonderful article jam packed with so much information about the best diet and exercise plan. I will take the test you offer to figure out the best plans for me. While I’m waiting I think I will go for the Low Carb diet and the Power Bias fitness plan. I’m already doing them to some degree, but your plans are easier for me to follow and prove to have better detail. 

    Thank you for making this seem so easy. 

    • Russ, the right choice for DNA testing. I will go over the results with you and help you set up a plan that is right for you and the needs of your body. I will help explain it all so you can understand your results and use them to benefit you. Yes, in the meantime, the diet plan here is a healthy one, but we can set one up that is also healthy but tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

      I am looking forward to working with you. 

  2. This is one of the most simplified but very realistic Diet Plans I have read in the recent time. It is true that there are many who do not know what is good for their Body. I will rather advice that they consult with people like you for professional advice. However, I particularly like the Mediterranean Diets especially the Lunch. That is a very good match for me. Thanks for the amazing review.

    • Thank you so much. But is the meditation lunch really a good match for you or is it what you like best. See, without your unique analysis of your DNA, you will not know what a good match is. When you have the testing, I can then set up a plan for you that matches your body’s ability to absorb the proper foods. It is an incredible way to look into the future of weight loss. 

  3. Everyone loves to look sexy in shape and size throughout their life time but nobody is willingly to make the sacrifice for it. Human especially the ladies have a lot of fat in them which expands round their body as they grow and thereby making them lose shape.

    But brought before in this article are the best diets you can take and keep up with to help you keep that nice shape of your, just time your time and go through them and chose that which you know you can keep up with

    • Oh, so real, but you forgot one critical component. Each person today is eating according to what the world tells them. Each person can have a DNA test and find out precisely what their body needs. And by these results, they can lose weight. It is true that no matter what diet a person does, it takes time and effort to pull through.

      I have to take defense for the ladies, though. We gain overall fat, and the guys gain fat around their belly that goes directly to their organs. Much more dangerous for the guys. So DNA testing is also so crucial for the guys. 

  4. Finding the best diet and exercise plan has been a challenge for me, with newly discovered thyroid issues 15 years ago. It was about then that I realized I could no longer eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. A sluggish thyroid helped me to gain almost 50 pounds, on my short 5 foot tall body! Once I got medication corrected, and corrected again, and again, I was able to easily lose 25 of those pounds, using a diet based on separating fats from carbohydrates at each meal, with each meal or snack being 3 hours from the last one. Very low fat high carb meal for breakfast would be oatmeal with plain greek yogurt and fresh raspberries, for example. Then my snack could be a smoothie with avocado and berries – 3 hours later. Lunch would be a salad topped with seeds and chicken, with healthy fat filled dressing. Afternoon snack would be some sort of home made oatmeal banana bread, and then dinner would be vegetarian chili. Eating like that helped me, as I said, and yet, no exercise, aside from walking the dog. And so I sit, attempting to add in exercise to kickstart my weight loss again. All in all, I agree, the best diet and exercise plan is one that is specifically geared to your own body.

    • Leona, I too have thyroid issues. It is a continuous struggle to regulate it. It sounds like you worked really hard and lost half of the weight. With your unique DNA profile, I believe you can lose the remainder of the 25 pounds. You are the ideal person who follows up on the recommendations. You have done well, but I think something is missing. I think you will know the missing link when you get your DNA tested. You sill then know which macronutrients your body absorbs well. Just give it some thought for me. I am here for you and willing to answer any questions you may have. 

  5. hello, i am so amazed with the detailed explanation that you have given to the various kind of diets.
    the exercise plan is awesome too. our self confidence comes from our outward appearance and this is achieve by a functional diet and good body exercise. we need to engage this now that there is some movement restrictions

    • Yes, there are some details on diets. I did this to help people see how they can manage a weight loss plan and exercise. I am happy you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Although this may not be the plan that your body needs with DNA testing, I can help. With your results, you would have a plan set up for you based on your body needs. It is such an innovative approach to weight loss and exercise. 


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