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Aging occurs as a result of the complex and varied changes that take place in our biological functions. We are subject to nature, from the accumulation of damage in DNA to the breakdown of proteins and the modification of the communication process within the cells themselves. So, as you can see the relationship of DNA on aging is quite close in nature. 

Unhealthy habits such as consuming alcohol, smoking, spending a long time in the sun, and stress are factors that negatively affect human cells.

These habits damage DNA regardless of your age.

“Aging means the body is unable to cope with change. Therefore, DNA mutations accumulate in the cells of the body, making the body’s organs more susceptible to diseases and cause cancer,”


The changes in the cells, in turn, have apparent effects on the skin.

“First, changes in the color of the human skin, this color becomes heterogeneous and can cause aging freckles (dark liver spots). On the other hand, the elasticity of the skin decreases, leading to wrinkles,”

Jean Krutmann, President of the Leibniz Institute of Environmental Medicine Research

 With the study of genes, researchers understand how aging occurs in the cells. With your DNA results, you can learn about the strategies that enable you to slow aging and lead a more healthy life span.

How DNA Testing Can Help Overcome Aging

There is a group of human characteristics that are categorized as “phenotype” or “genotype”.

Genes are affected by the elements that come from the environment. Your daily lifestyle, health, psychological choices, and different medications also play a role in your aging status. 

Weight is one of those “obvious” properties because genes play a significant role in determining how you metabolize your foods., An individual can influence their genetic makeup through a pattern of proper food choices, exercising, and dealing with some psychological factors. 

Scientists also note that there is a kind of time rhythm for appearance features (for example, body weight tends to increase with age), and this rhythm is also a measure of the biological age. 

In addition to the accumulation of mutations, research has shown that DNA repair mechanisms decline with age, which will compound the problem. 

Many human diseases start with defects in the DNA repair process. And when the genome within a cell becomes damaged, the cell will undergo a genetic aging process.

The Relationship Of DNA On Aging-Fountain Of Youth arms holding DNA

There is a process known as:

Unhealthy habits such as consuming alcohol, smoking, spending a long time in the sun, and stress are factors that negatively affect human cells.

These habits damage DNA regardless of your age.

. Better known as the evolution from birth to death of aging that leads to tissue atrophy and the release of chemicals that stimulate the inflammatory process. 

The Length Of Telomeres Becomes Shorter

The length of the telomeres becomes shorter with the aging process.

An essential feature of the cells of the body is the continuous renewal of itself through its reproduction. Each time the cell copies itself, the length of the telomeres decreases, and as we age, the telomeres become short enough to prevent them from working well, causing our cells to grow old.

They lose their ability to function correctly. Therefore, telomeres act as a timer for the aging of each cell.

If we dig a bit deeper into the telomeres, we find that telomerase is an enzyme that preserves telomeres from damage resulting from division and reproduction.

By way of DNA testing, you can identify where your body is prone to age and shorten these telomeres. With this knowledge, you can then decrease damage from ingestion or the environment and reduce the rate of division.

The Relationship Of DNA On Aging-Fountain Of Youth and aging telomere

The changes in your lifestyle can slow the cell division causing the shortening of the telomeres. With the shortening of telomeres, the DNA becomes lost, causing the cell to age, and eventually, they are not allowed to reproduce and regenerate.

We can change how we live, what we put into our bodies, and what we allow the environment to expose us to and thereby decrease the aging process.

Telomeres Reveal Your Biological Age

When telomeres are less than critical, cells stop dividing and die; this is called cell aging. Skin cells, hair, and the immune system are continually generated and are most susceptible to decreased telomeres. The shorter the telomeres, the higher the chances of illness, and consequently, the higher the death rate.

As telomeres decrease in length, the process of cell replacement slows down, and the cell dies. These processes are known as aging and programmed cell death.

Decreased length of telomeres with age is a normal process for cells. Still, when their length decreases more than the usual age, this indicates that the body is moving towards a more significant amount of aging and changes.

Your Life Choices Can Affect Your DNA

DNA is known to hold advance information about the way we age and thus how long we may live.

However, recently the results of studies have begun to demonstrate the vital role that lifestyle plays in influencing telomeres and, thus, their longevity.

Scientists have observed that the role played by obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets, and smoking will accelerate the decrease in the length of telomeres. Stress and depression also play a role.

Scientists have also discovered during their studies that the so-called “gene fuxu I3” (or the gene methosylm) was remarkably active among study participants.

These studies led scientists to explore a relationship between long life span and Jin Fuxu 13″.

The enzyme called telomerase can also slow, stop, or even reverse the process of shortening telomeres. Best of all, the increased length of telomeres gives genes a more phenotypic pattern, making cells function as if they were smaller.

Treatments based on this study can expertly repair, restore, and regenerate cell reproduction, turning back your biological clock. The result of all research and studies indicates that DNA is the way to preventing aging from an early age.

With the studies and the information that scientists have leaned, we can find out what parts of our bodies age more rapidly with DNA testing. We can then change the lifestyle that would affect these aging parts and slow down the process.

The Relationship Of DNA On Aging-Fountain Of Youth a dna cell

How This Will Affect You

I mean, think of this, let’s say your skin is genetically weak. You find out with your test that it will age more quickly. You can then decrease exposures to your skin and use the proper creams to prevent and slow this process.

When you are 60, your skin can look years younger with the proper care you provided at a younger age.

Without testing your DNA, it is all a guessing game. You may take special care of your skin but ignore the nutrients you need for healthy bones.

Your skin is not prone to age early, but your bones are likely to decrease in calcium. You are thereby allowing for brittle bones and easy breakage.

Your skin looks great, but you can’t walk. See where I am going with this? It is so important to know how to prevent all types of aging and which areas you need to focus your efforts on. 

With your saliva DNA test, you can focus on the right areas and live a fruitful, healthy long life. A life that you can enjoy well into your retirement. You can travel and enjoy a body that will have stamina and endurance with the right care at an early age.

To get your DNA renewal testing done, click on the tab here and order your kit now. We will be available to answer any questions you may have. You will receive your free DNA test kit in the mail. Which leads me to the question you may have “how long does a DNA test take?”

Once your kit reaches the lab, it will take approximately three weeks for the results to return. I will watch for your report and contact you to go over the DNA test report.

Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below. I will be back with you very shortly.

We are here to help you lead a healthier, more productive life as you age. Don’t just enjoy life while you are young. Get your testing so you can enjoy a long life well into your aging years..

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14 thoughts on “The Relationship Of DNA On Aging-Fountain Of Youth-Stay Young”

  1. This blows me away. I had never thought of this process and how having your DNA analysed can help so much in keeping us healthy.
    Thank you and I will be buying a kit for sure

    • Hey Vicki, I know! It is so incredible what our bodies can tell us. Just head into the shopping page and order yours today. I will send you information on what you need to do. The process is so easy and your DNA is a one-time thing. It doesn’t change.

  2. This is very interesting. I had watched a video not too long ago on caregiving and the affects it has on the Telomeres. The video explained that most caregivers give way too much of themselves and that the stress of caregiving alone shortens the Telomeres. It also explained that it is a true predictor of when someone is going to pass, because our Telomeres run out!

    • Hello Eden, Yes, telomeres do run out. The GxRenew DNA test does not check for that SNPs to determine precisely how long a person has to live. But it does check SNPs for the longevity of life. But at the same time, it is important to know that our environment can also play a factor in what our longevity of life is.

      The example of a caregiver is a good one. A person’s DNA may say they will live a long life, but the life the person led will play a big roll in it also. So our DNA does not change, but our environment does. We have control over our environment and can change the outcome.

      That is why when the results come back; I will be here to go over them with you so you can better understand how you, too, can slow the process of aging.

  3. Good evening Laura,

    Science has advanced in many fields with gigantic steps. Sadly the overall health of the world population is getting worse.

    When I had my total hysterectomy end of 2008 I started feeling awful. Luckily I got hold of an antiaging doctor who had me make all kinds of unusual tests. One was my genetic inheritance. It turned out to be really good, lucky me. I sometimes do a test to see how my hormones are balanced so my doctor can finetune them.

    When I stopped working in 1986 and started working really hard on my farm I got interested in what food does to your health. I went through, what I call my food evolution and have changed my diet considerably.

    Soon I will be 70 and I feel great. No medications, only supplements.
    Thank you for this post, Laura, the more people are informed about these things the better.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Taetske, I have read some of your website and your blogs. I am so grateful you would take the time to comment on my post. I must say you do not look a day over 50. What a great testimony you are. Yes, science has advanced, but at the same time, it has been slow. I am grateful for DNA testing to be available to the public now.

      Your story is incredible, and changing a diet can make a world of difference for each person. I changed mine after my DNA testing. I have lost 10 pounds and am continuing forward. I, too, feel so much better.

      We can prevent aging with the results of our DNA.

      You know, for so long, I didn’t believe in the creams and the anti-aging methods, but with DNA testing, which is unique to only us, I know it is possible. But it is a lifestyle change and not a one time fix.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. The honor is mine to have you here with us.


  4. I have always been curious about this, especially when looking at different ethnicities. Although some people of the same ethnicity seem to age quicker than others, as you said, that is probably more to do with bad habits, such as smoking or being in the sun too much. Yet people with darker skin at birth appear to age much more gracefully than those with lighter skin. Has there ever been a scientific study on this? So fascinating to me!

    • Your DNA is unique to you. It can tell us what will age gracefully and what will not be so kind to you. But the environment and what we do to your bodies also play a key roll in the aging process. Those with darker skin may have a genetic presence that causes the aging process to slow a bit or it may be their environment that helps them to appear younger. 

  5. I’m 40 years old, and at my age I didn’t expect to have so many gray or white hairs. I suspect, this is due to my very hectic and stressful lifestyle as a small business owner. I am faced with huge challenges, one of them is dealing with liabilities resulting from loans. So, I’m looking for ways to know if my health is still okay or I am now heading for something and fortunately, I stumbled upon this post of yours about DNA testing.

    Can someone from the Philippines have this DNA testing?

    • Hello, Yes you can have this test in the Philippines. The only issue is that the shipping of the kit to you and to the lab will not be free as it is for those in the US. You will need to pay for this shipping as it is overseas. If you send me an email I can find out how much this shipping will be so you can make a well-informed decision. My email is [email protected]

  6. Do you have a breakdown of what it costs to get a DNA renewal test?  I tried your link but, it didn’t work, maybe it is just me.

    I’ve been an almost accidental caregiver for almost 4 years and I felt a huge impact on my entire system.  I first learned about telomeres during the same time period where I was doing a ton of scientific research.

    Reading your article has my wheels turning. My doctor said that getting my hormone levels checked, beyond the basics was somewhat difficult to properly analyze because of how much they fluctuate during the month.

    So, with all I’ve learned about telomeres thus far, I’m thinking doing a DNA renewal test would be much more useful to me, especially since entering into the perimenopausal stage of my life.

    • You have hit on some good questions and thoughts. A DNA test to help prevent aging is a good idea, but it will not tell you any medical information to help prevent disease. It will, however, tell you if your skin tends to age quickly or if your mental acuity will stay sharp as you age and so many more things. With this information, you can then follow the suggestions to help slow the effects of aging in your body. 

      I do, however, offer a DNA test to tell how you absorb nutrients that you will help you and your physician determine your overall health. Again it does not diagnose, but you can take the information to your physician, and the two of you can decide if you need further testing. 

      As for the pricing, here is the link to the shopping page that will give you a better understanding of pricing.

      And you can reach me at [email protected] for further questions. 

  7. This Is a great and amazing article for everyone.  i find this article very interesting because I have never been thought of this process and how having your DNA analyse. It also explained that it is a true predictor of when someone is going to pass, because our Telomeres run out! Thank you for sharing such an amazing article

    • Thank you so much. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Telomeres do shorten as we age and can play a big roll in longevity. 


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