AKESOgen: Our DNA Trusted Laboratory

Here at DNA is the Way we use AKESOgen as our DNA trusted laboratory for biomarker profiling. We utilizes their genomics services to offer four DNA tests – GxSlim, GxNutrient, GxPerform, and GxRenew. Each test provides its own set of results to help you. You are unique, and so is your genetic makeup. 

The testing can reveal what vitamins and minerals your body absorbs well, what sort of workout strategies will help you get fit, and what lifestyle changes should you make to feel and look younger? As well as what weight loss foods, your genes like the best.

Why We Chose AKESOgen

scientist working in akeogenis lab

AKESOgen’s premier research services and expertise in genomics makes them an ideal partner to execute and deliver on your oral DNA test. With the highest quality data that they provide, DNA is the Way can give you real solutions. 

Their genomics expertise is the result of their experienced scientists and the strict process controls in their CLIA-compliant lab. 

AKESOgen has excellent customer service, which makes them our chosen research partner. AKESOgen and DNA is the Way have a collaborative, consultative relationship. The lab keeps DNA Is The Way updated on the progress of your testing and are available for consultation or guidance whenever we need it. 

They perform your testing in their highly accreditated lab and then send the information to DNA is the Way. Why is this important? Because you and I do not need to wonder how to read a DNA test report. It is all lined out for us in an organized form that you and I can go over to get you started on your weight loss program.

A Brief History of AKESOgen

Robert P. Boisjoli founded AKESOgen, Inc in 2010 to provide genetic testing and analysis services. AKESOgen ranked #44 as a healthcare company and #363 as a company on the 2015 Inc 5000 list. It also formed a co-marketing partnership with BioDiscovery in that same year.

In 2018, AKESOgen received recognition as a Georgia Small Business Rock Star. In 2019, RenalytixAI and AKESOgen formed a joint venture partnership that was then acquired by Tempus.

a photo of akoeosgen lab in georgia

What Makes AKESOgen Exceptional?

By producing data of the highest possible quality using cutting edge NGS technologies (especially next-generation sequencing), AKESOgen’s experts perform DNA tests in their state-of-the-art automated laboratories. 

Your DNA is your genetic code. You send AKESOgen your DNA sample of your cheek swab DNA test that you obtained with your DNA kit. They extract the DNA to obtain a purity level that will enable anyone to get high quality genotyping information. AKESOgen does DNA extraction very well. Once the data comes out, the results are released to  DNA is the Way, where we notify you, and then we go over the interpretation with you.

Achievements and Accomplishments of AKESOgen

AKESOgen is our go-to partner for genetic tests because of its high credibility. The “Akeso” in AKESOgen represents the Greek goddess to cure and heal. The “Gen” in AKESOgen stands for genomics. So AKESOgen labs are committed to cure and heal through genetics.

pic of akoeogen certifications and liscense

AKESOgen gained recognition after National Geographic wrote about how the lab had performed DNA analysis from mere nanograms to provide enough information to create an entire image of a murder suspect.

AKESOgen is also known for conducting a genetic analysis of hundreds of thousands of military veterans, known as The Million Veterans Program, on behalf of The U.S. Veterans Administration. The study generated new insights on improving the health of servicemen and women. The Million Veterans Program is the largest genetics project ever conducted for a specific population.

AKESOgen serves many well know American clients, which include:

  • CDC (the health protection agency),
  • The American Cancer Society (the health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer),
  • Kaiser Permanente (the integrated managed care consortium)
  • Cytox (the precision medicine company which performs risk assessment tests for Alzheimer’s disease).

They perform all of their testings in their 14,000 sqft building.

Why We Want to Help You Understand Your DNA

At DNA is the Way, we help you develop a better understanding of your DNA because we want you to have full knowledge of the results you receive. Your DNA testing results help you discover more about how your own body works, and how your genetic makeup shapes your nutrition, fitness, weight, and health management needs. 

Each of us is born with a different body and a unique set of DNA. DNA is the Way helps you understand what sort of food and exercise makes the most sense for your body. 

DNA is your body’s fingerprint in your cells. You have 23 pairs of chromosomes made of three billion individual letters of DNA, i.e., 20,000 genes. Scientists can now read all of your DNA in less than a day. The unprecedented speed and decreasing costs of reading DNA helps to bring the future of DNA into the present. 

Your DNA is important to us, and we want to help you have a full understanding of what it means to you. 

How AKESOgen Can Help You Understand Your DNA

DNA lab equipment

Based in Atlanta, AKESOgen has a wide range of capabilities, which allows it to perform DNA and RNA extractions from many different methods. AKESOgen works closely with us through each project.

They work tirelessly to analyze your DNA and get the results promptly. It does take approximately three weeks, which sounds like a long time. But we want the results to be accurate and performed by only the best lab.

We like AKESOgen because while it is a science of probability, we can trust the accuracy of the results provided by AKESOgen’s DNA tests. Accuracy depends on the fulfillment of criteria: 1) generation and 2) interpretation. With AKESOgen as our lab, we know that your DNA sequencing is accurate, so it is safe to presume that the data generated is reliable.

Privacy at AKESOgen

Industry-leading commercial laboratory facility AKESOgen has a Privacy and Data Protection Policy, which involves complying with the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Before receiving the samples, all the information that we provide is de-identified. You are only known as a number, and your name is not in the database.

None of the systems contain any information that can link you to your DNA. No personal information is received, and we comply with all patient confidential policies. It is a lot like you are doing an anonymous DNA test. You are identified only as a number. Your name is not on your sample therefore the lab does not know who you are. You are safe. 

Here at DNA Is The Way, we operate under the HIPPA privacy act that all medical personal and facilities adhere to. We want you to feel confident that your information is 100% protected and safe.

Final Note

 AKESOgen is, DNA is the Way’s trusted laboratory for biomarker profilingThe high-quality data provided by their accurate DNA tests help us offer personalized advice to you. We trust AKESOgen to read your DNA accurately and keep it safe so you can trust them too.

Here at DNA Is The Way, we pride ourselves in the testing we provide and the laboratory we have chosen to perform the testing. For more information on DNA biomarkers for weight loss, athletic performance, age prevention, and micronutrient absorption, click on the tab below for detailed information. 

Thank you for joining us today as we share information about our trusted laboratory. Do you have questions regarding our lab or testing? If so, leave all questions and comments in the comment section below. We love hearing from you.

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