What Is DNA Testing-A Better Understanding

At DNA is the Way, we assist you in your health journey by empowering you through knowledge and providing one-on-one coaching that creates a relationship based on trust and honesty. To do this, we perform DNA tests. If you are considering buying one or more of our services, you may be wondering what is DNA testing?

Well, simply put, DNA testing involves a set of procedures in which your genetic material is extracted from your cells (through a saliva sample) and then tested in the genomics laboratory. Once the lab sends us the results, we gather the critical information we need to equip you with proper healthcare advice. We then sit down with you and guide you through the results.

In our evolving world, today, DNA testing is performed in forensic science, ancestry exploration, paternity identification, medical diagnosis, and now for weight loss. There are different terms used in each entity of DNA testing. You may have even seen the question, “what does d3s1358 mean on a DNA test” or “what does a mitochondrial DNA test show?”

These are both excellent questions, but each one of them associates with a type of testing done for conditions other than weight loss or athletic performance.

The letters d3s1358 are used in paternity identification testing, while mitochondrial DNA test are for a more defined scale in the medical diagnosis of certain diseases.

DNA is a complicated field and a highly unique one to the person who is receiving the testing.

What Exactly Is DNA?

a chain of blue molucules

Let’s go back further. What is DNA? It is just a huge molecule consisting of chemical bonds that hold together atoms. What makes up a DNA molecule? It is simply composed of two closely entwined strings of small molecules. 

What part does DNA testing play in the role of disease? Well, for one, DNA testing would be needed for accurate diagnosis of inherited diseases caused by constitutional mutations. Mutations in your DNA, which involves one or more of the small molecules missing or altered in one or more of the chains, can cause disease.

Why Is DNA Important

DNA testing has never been easier. When you provide your DNA to the laboratory in any readily available source of living cells (such as blood or saliva), we can test it.

DNA tests are not only great for indicating your propensity for specific conditions. There are several other reasons why you can need DNA testing. Other than an accurate disease diagnosis, it can also prevent or delay disease.

If a genetic disease passed down through the generations of your family, DNA testing might be able to identify which family member is likely to get the disease. With this knowledge, some form of intervention may be possible to prevent the disease. At least it can delay the onset.

A prenatal DNA test can determine if a fetus may be affected by a disease. We can use DNA testing for in-vitro fertilized embryos to help select an egg that is free from a particular serious genetic disorder. Of course, this may lead us to the legal and social implications of DNA testing.

Moreover, Paternity DNA testing can identify your biological father, should you want to know. We can also use DNA zygosity testing to identify a donor for an organ transplant, should you need one.

Lastly, DNA testing can help you develop personalized health, fitness, and nutrition plans for optimal health. With the information, you can make the right changes to your lifestyle. Here is where we come in.

Accuracy of DNA Testing

Your body has 20, 000 genes containing three billion individual letters of DNA. There are currently 400 different kinds of DNA tests offered. They are not all equally accurate.

DNA tests that reveal your ancestry, for example, require the reading of your autosomal DNA. Such DNA tests are very accurate, helping you discover up to six generations of ancestors.

Then there is the Y chromosome and the Mitochondrial DNA, which helps you trace your direct paternal and maternal lineage, respectively. DNA tests used to determine who your closest family members are, such as your biological parents, should be very accurate.

You will find the less accurate testing if you are using DNA tests to find out more distant relationships, such as your ancestors, a DNA test alone cannot reveal such information to you. You will, however, require additional sources for greater accuracy.

Other than the accuracy of results, other problems associated with DNA testing include the complex nature of test results, which makes them challenging to interpret. Because of this challenge, they may require additional information, such as your medical history or even your family’s medical history.

A positive result of a predictive genetic test does not establish the exact risk of developing a disorder. Moreover, a test result might not give any useful information. These are known as an uninformative test result, which occurs because of polymorphisms.

For the very reasons listed above we here at DNA Is The Way use our trusted lab AKESOgen. Our lab is highly accredited with strong integrity. They work tirelessly to give you accurate results. 

How Does DNA Testing Work?

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Now that you understand what DNA tests are, you may be wondering how we do DNA testing. Once you decide to proceed with genetic testing, you need to provide your DNA sample. Different DNA tests require different DNA samples. For the home DNA tests for the services we provide here at DNA Is The Way you will obtain a sample of your saliva. You simply swab the inside of your cheek for one minute. No needles or blood are required. 

After you obtain your DNA saliva sample you send it  to our trusted laboratory. Skilled technicians will seek specific modifications in your DNA, chromosomes, or proteins, based on the kit you have ordered. Once completed, the results from the test will come back to our trained staff at DNA Is The Way.

DNA testing has a bright future because accuracy and ease of testing are increasing as costs go down. Yet there are still hurdles to overcome. Your DNA makes you who you are.

We are all born with a different body. When you develop an understanding of your genetic code (contained in your cells), you get to know yourself better. It gives you a peace of mind knowing who you are from the inside out. 

DNA Is The Way Testing

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Here at DNA Is The Way, we provide genetic testing to help you understand the needs of your body to absorb macronutrients and micronutrients. The tests we offer can give you a set of biomarkers that are unique to only you. With these markers, you can understand how to lose weight, perform better athletically, prevent aging, and how your body absorbs vitamins and minerals.

The FDA approved DNA testing for weight loss, age prevention, athletic performance, and nutrient absorption for about two years ago. We perform the testing with a stringent code to provide you with 99.9% accurate results in our  CLIA accredited lab.

Final Thoughts

We can identify changes in your DNA sequence or chromosome structure with DNA testing. We look at the biomarkers that are unique to only you and come back with results to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is swab your cheek. We are so fortunate to live in an age of the future where DNA testing is evolving daily. New findings and studies are released as we speak. DNA tests can reveal so much more today than ever before. Now that we can obtain samples right from your home it has simplified the process. Not to mention the cost is improving all the time.

Do you better understand what DNA testing is? It is available to help you know who you are from the inside out. Please leave comments and questions in the comment section below. We love hearing your views and how we can help. 

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