DNA Testing And Weight Loss-Does It Work?

Does it work? With every product on the market, I always ask myself, is it going to work. I mean, who wants to pay good money for a product that is not proven. So I go to the internet and research it. Now I know DNA for weight loss works, but with so much information out there, I thought it was wise to tell you why it works and to debunk all of the naysayers. Please read on to see why DNA testing and weight loss really does work.

Detractors’ Claims Are Too Narrow

Not everyone approves of the rise of consumer genomics. Its detractors have often claimed that DNA tests designed to aid weight loss simply offer gussied up advice that can be summed up more succinctly as “eat more vegetables, exercise more.”

 Denigrators claim that such DNA tests have not yet proven as effective. They claim that DNA tests are not good predictors of an individual’s success on one diet or another. As I read the report found in the LA Times of a study done on genetics and weight loss, my mind could not grasp there thought. I mean and an average loss of 11 pounds over a year. That is exactly what has happened to most of us with the latest fad diets. We lose, and then we gain it back because we are not eating according to what our bodies need. 

But then the article says, “We really have got to find other ways” to change people’s diets, Gardner added. “We don’t need one solution … we need dozens of solutions.”  I have said this exact thing many times! We do not need a one for all solution. You need a solution based on your needs, not the generic requirements of every other person in the world. 

Which leads us to the age-old question of “can a DNA test be wrong?

The answer is yes, it can. Here are two reasons why it can be wrong. 

  1. If the laboratory logs the sample wrong. Labs that are CLIA accredited have strict guidelines. Here at DNA is the Way we use AKESOgen laboratories who are highly accredited and follow all of the guidelines. The chance of a mistake is slim to none. To protect yourself, do your research on the lab that will log your sample. 
  2. If your cheek swab DNA test sample arrives at the lab open or damaged, for this very reason, you will receive a link to a video that DNA is the Way personally made for you to seal your sample correctly. When it reaches the lab, the person will know if your sample was tampered with. Again the lab has strict guidelines to handle situations such as these. 
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Naysayers even say that knowing your genetic predispositions might actually end up putting you more at risk. All of their claims have some grains of truth in them. But to know who you are gives you the power to overcome any obstacle. If you found out that your genes say you may have a more difficult time losing weight, then you will face the issue and find the right foods to accomplish what you want in life

But at the same time you probably already knew your body does not like to let go of fat like some other people’s bodies do. Now with the results it is confirmation of why you have struggled and makes it easier to move forward. 

Your DNA doesn’t determine whether you will lose weight or not, but it can help you lose weight. What critics do not realize is that weight loss is not just a physical struggle, but a mental one as well. Many of us struggle and fail to lose weight even when we are following tried-and-tested weight loss advice. 

Our Weight Loss Coaching Is Science-Backed

DNA tests designed to aid weight loss do not fall in the same category as genetic tests that make big health claims, such as helping you find your ancestors, because the appeal of DNA is the Way’s services lie in the weight loss coaching we provide.

We use DNA test results to motivate our clients and improve the state of their health. Many people struggle with weight loss for decades, fruitlessly hopping from one fad diet to another. Weight loss coaching can change the relationship dieters have with food. We provide a healthy long term approach through accountability, support, and guidance.

One-Size-Fits-All Diets Don’t Work

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You have 23 pairs of chromosomes made of three billion individual letters of DNA, i.e., 20, 000 genes. Your DNA makes you who you are. It determines where your genetic makeup. Each of us is born with a different body. 

When you develop an understanding of your genetic code (contained in your cells), you get to know yourself better. The Way your body responds to nutrients in food is different from anyone else! At DNA is the Way, we shy away from the “one-size-fits-all” diets. How can the same diet work for everyone when we all have entirely different bodies? 

The DNA-based recommendations you will receive from our weight loss solution are tailored to your body only. For many dieters, the results of DNA tests provide the motivation they need to make and commit to a lifestyle change. To know the unique needs of your body is liberating. It will set you free of the guilt you have carried for years.

Science-Backed Weight Loss Coaching Proven To Work

We firmly believe (and studies confirm) that one size fits all diets don’t work. It is clear to us that the future of weight loss is one-on-one coaching. The DNA test provides us some incredible insights into how you process nutrients differently. We help you understand your DNA test results, and we help you apply it to your lives.

Your testing can determine how your body does with caffeine and lactose as well as what type of exercise plan will burn fat the quickest. 

 We coach you and guide you on the foods that your body personally needs to lose weight. We create this information based on your DNA because we genuinely believe that it is more sensible than rashly following the latest fad diet. 

We do not promise a magic silver bullet diet. We don’t guarantee to solve the obesity epidemic. We test your DNA to understand which exercise and diet will benefit your body the most. With your personalized diet plan, we teach you which foods your body absorbs well and which ones you should avoid or eat in smaller amounts. 

How Our Weight Loss Solution Works

There’s a lot that DNA tests can’t yet reveal, but they can at least help us make more informed health decisions. 

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Some scientists believe that it isn’t yet time to base nutritional advice on DNA. It’s not that the DNA tests do not work, but instead that there is so much more we can learn.  

Like most other tests, it is not a magic solution, but it can help equip you with weight loss advice. We can have a constructive conversation with you to help you see that commitment can change your life for the better. 

We will talk about what you eat and how you exercise currently, as well as what your goals are. We will walk you through the results. We will come up with reliable recommendations. We holistically view you using your genetic predisposition to guide us but also taking into account your goals and previous history.

Why Our Weight Loss Solution Works

We will help you to achieve your health goals through weight loss coaching , which is effective. 

“Coaching is proposed to raise a patient’s awareness and responsibility for their health behavior change by transforming the professional–patient relationship.”

NCBI Resoursces

There are many reliable, personal accounts of weight loss journeys that were aided by DNA testing and one-on-one coaching. 

There are personal testimonies of positive results from DNA testing and weight loss,

” I Tried DNA Testing to Lose Weight And the Results Blew My Mind. I learned more about my body than I’d ever imagined.”

Diana Bruk

“I got a diet plan based on my DNA and it actually worked.”

Melissa Shedden=Body+Soul

Studies show that if you are speaking with a coach, you’re likely to lose more weight than someone who does not have contact with a coach. We ensure that your coach’s recommendations are science-backed through DNA testing.  Science is still evolving, but in the meantime, DNA tests help us to know more about our bodies. To understand my body and my unique needs has given me peace of mind and freedom from fad diets. 

How DNA Testing Works (It’s Quite Simple)

Our DNA tests designed to help you lose weight will provide personalized information about your health. We help you make sense of health-related knowledge by providing you helpful dietary insights. We then help you be more proactive about your health. 

At DNA is the Way, we assist you on your health journey by empowering you through knowledge and providing one-on-one coaching that creates a relationship based on trust and honesty. 

To do this, we need to perform some DNA tests. If you are considering buying one or more of our services, you may be wondering what DNA testing is. Well, simply put, DNA testing involves a set of procedures in which your genetic material is extracted from your cells (through a saliva sample) and then tested in the genomics laboratory. 

DNA sample collection is generally non-invasive, so there’s nothing for you to fear. Once the lab sends us the results, we gather the vital information we need to equip you with proper healthcare advice. We then video chat or phone chat with you and guide you through it. 


We hope this article has helped debunk some of the claims that DNA tests aren’t good for weight loss. Remember that DNA testing is still a relatively new scientific revolution. There is so much more to learn, but what we know today is the beginning of how we can make your life easier.

Do you think DNA test-based weight loss solutions can be useful for you? We would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This is such a great read Laura and I am one of those people who carry weight around my belly so will definitely consider the DNA option to see how this can be remedied.
    I have always thought it was my metabolism but now realize it is a lot more than just that so thank you.

    • Vicki, Yes it is more than your metabolism. It is your unique genetic makeup. We are here to give you one-on-one consultation when your results return. We will have recommendations for you to guide you on your lifestyle change to a more healthy you.


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